Hard Rock Band Rainforce Releases First Single off The Upcoming Album, Listen to ‘In the Fires’ feat. Jonas Ambühl & Albert Bell


Rainforce is more than happy to announce the first single off the upcoming album. The song is called ‘In The Fires’ and is lyrically based on the biblical account of three righteous men of pure faith undergoing the torment of being cast into a furnace by a tyrant they would not bow down to. Musically, you will experience Rainforce with more of a metal edge than ever before. Stylistically a comparison to bands like Saxon, Anvil or Saint is certainly not wrong for this song. ‘In The Fires’ is the perfect representation of the heavier parts on the forthcoming record, without foregoing the band’s typical rock and roll feel, of course. This is a strong new track, both musically as well as lyrically and worthy of being the first single release for 2023.

Proudly Rainforce present two special guests on that song: Ever since the shows in 2020, Jonas
Ambühl, the singer of Swiss heavy/thrash metal outfit Gomorra, has been helping Rainforce out on
the mic whenever main vocalist Jordan Cutajar is not able to join the pack. Jonas always elicits a
great response with his live performance so it was obvious that Rainforce wanted him to record one
song for the new album. And behold: he is the voice on the first single!

Also, Rainforce is honoured to announce that Albert Bell has recorded some thunderous bass lines for the new single. Albert is probably one of the most important and influential players in Maltese metal scene. Not only is he a bandmate of Jordan Cutajar’s in Nomad Son, he is a member of Maltese doom/heavy metal trailblazers Forsaken and a current member of thrash veterans X-Vandals. With his own project, Albert Bell’s Sacro Sanctus, he celebrates his passion for old school heavy metal and medieval history.

More info about the new album (title, release date, next single, and more) coming soon.

Credits ‘In The Fires’:
JONAS AMBÜHL – lead vocals (guest appearance)
MICHAEL PIRANIO – lead guitar
ANDY LA MORTE – rhythm guitar
ALBERT BELL – bass guitar (guest appearance)

Words: Andy La Morte & Jan Thomas
Music: Andy La Morte
Recordings & rough mix: Michael Piranio & Steve Lombardo (bass tracks)
Mix & mastering: Oliver Schneider
Lyric video: Dave Kruse

Rainforce line-up:
Jordan Cutajar – lead vocals (Malta) Nomad Son
Michael Piranio – guitars (GER) Whysmansa!d, ex-Destruction, ex-Ephemera’s Party
Andy La Morte – guitars (SWI) Founder of Rainforce, ex-Pÿlon, ex-Disobedience
Jan Thomas – bass (SWI) Dreams In Fragments, Elcano, ex-Pÿlon
Benjamin Mann – drums (GER) Power Of God, Whysmansa!d
Live session lead vocals by Jonas Ambühl (Gomorra, SWI)

2017 – Lion’s Den (Format: CD, Quam Libet Records / Roxx Records, USA)
2017 – Bring Back Christmas (Format: digital single)
2019 – Rock And Roll (Format: EP, Roxx Records, USA)
2019 – In Good Hands, feat. Herbie Langhans (Format: digital single)
2021 – March Of The Saints (Format: digital single)
2023 – new full length album (t.b.a.)

Weblinks: Facebook / Website / Spotify

Label USA: www.roxxrecords.com

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