Punk Rockers ‘Moral Monsters’ and ‘Over Mortal’ Join the ‘Veritas Vinyl’ Family


Moral Monsters EPVeritas Vinyl teamed up with Moral Monsters to bring you their debut EP “Postmodern Failurism” ABSOLUTELY FREE! Just click the art (at the left side) and start jamming immediately!

Moral Monsters is a pop punk duo (Ben Ellis and Anthony Schillaci) from the north side suburbs of Houston Texas. Aggressive and thought provoking, they take an unapologetic approach to christian apologetics in their song writing, focusing primarily on the decline of the post modern, post christian western culture. With influences that range from Paul Simon and David Bazan to MxPx and Nofx, there is sure to be something to offend everyone.

Another band Over Mortal has also joined the family! You can click the cover art below to purchase their self released EP “Dangerous Fundamentalists.” Stay tuned for a release on Veritas late this year – early next year.

DangerousOver Mortal was founded by three highschool friends in the Fall of 1999. For the next two years, Over Mortal recorded an EP, one full length album, shot one music video, and played several local Christian venues and festivals. After several member changes, the band split up in the Fall of 2002.

In late 2012, founding member Nicholas Mahaffey decided to revive Over Mortal. Though none of his former bandmates decided to return, they gave their blessing, and he began writing and recording at his home in rural North Carolina. On January 1, 2014, Over Mortal‘s first EP in over ten years, “Dangerous Fundamentalists”, was released independently.

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