‘Grave Robber’ New Cover Tune Available for Streaming ‘I Just Wanna Have Something To Do’


Grave Robber - CellarAfter a short break of about two months, horror punk band Grave Robber came in October of last year with the news that the band has returned. This year they will release every month a cover tune under the name of “The Cellar Sessions”. Below you can listen to the fifth song ‘I Just Wanna Have Something To Do’ [Ramones].

The songs are also available for free download at the bands Noisetrade page.

Grave Robber comments: ‘Things you should know about these songs: 1) These are rough mixes we are doing our selves. 2) We have ZERO budget 3) We love our fans and that’s why we are giving these away for free! 4) The concept is to record songs you’d NEVER imagine Grave Robber covering! 5) We want you to enjoy these and don’t take it all too seriously!’

Recently Grave Robber revealed the cover artwork for the upcoming album “Straight To Hell” which will be released October 7th. via Rottweiler Records. Check it out HERE .“Straight To Hell” will be the follow-up to 2011′s “You’re All Gonna Die”

Shambling, unblinking, unthinking masses of the dead – looming forward with but on pressing, dominating goal; to devour your brain and absorb your essence. While Fort Wayne’s finest in horror punk have this goal of cranial domination in common with hordes of walking dead, they are anything but shambling or unthinking. Rip-roaring with the fury of a foam-mouthed and frothing werewolf, Grave Robber bring a unique, hardcore-tinted feel to their hard-hitting brand of horror punk that will make fans of aggressive punk from The Misfits to My Chemical Romance rejoice.

Hard at work horrifying the masses since 2005, Grave Robber have been anything but idle. Combining bouncy, catchy percussion with riffs and guitar solos as sharp as Dracula’s fangs, Grave Robber‘s rugged and raunchy releases – “Be Afraid” [2007], “Inner Sanctum” [2009], “Exhumed” [2010], and “You’re All Gonna Die” [2011]- have garnered these horror rockers well deserved press from acclaimed punk and metal outlets alike for a good reason. Each song by these prolific punks creates an immersive and haunting atmosphere that has listeners so engaged that they are constantly glancing over their shoulders wondering if Grave Robber is coming for them next.

Other related news, late last month we posted about Creep Carnival which is a new psycho metal project with Wretched and Spano from Grave RobberRocky Gray from Living Sacrifice, and Jeff Bowie from Descended From Wolves. A short teaser can be seen here.

Upcoming Shows:
Thu, 04 Sep BERLIN MUSIC PUB Fort Wayne, IN
Sat, 06 Sep Ultrasound Festival Fort Wayne, IN
Sat, 27 Sep ULIS HAUS OF ROCK Lansing, MI
Fri, 24 Oct Logans San Juan, PR
Thu, 30 Oct Area 51 Music Hall Eastpointe, MI

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Video below  ‘I Just Wanna Have Something To Do ‘

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