‘Grave Robber’ Returns From Hiatus, Statement Available, New Show Announced


Grave Robber LogoLast August horror punk band  Grave Robber announced that they were breaking up ? On October 23th. the band posted the following on their facebook:

There’s a lot going on in the Grave Robber camp, so we wanted to catch you up on what’s happening.

Hiatus was short lived. Thank God! I (Wretched) hated every moment of it. We will be playing one more show this year at The Chameleon on Halloween Night.

In January, we will be re-launching and rebranding the band. Some new visuals, new costumes, new masks, and new songs! In fact, plan is to record an e.p. of cover tunes of songs we like before January and put them up for a FREE download. Sometime in early Spring, we will be recording a new Full length. Then, next Fall we plan to record a Christmas release. All of these recordings will be going back to what we started out as: A PUNK BAND. Fans of our first record, “Be Afraid” will be happy to know we will be returning back to that sound. Fans of the more “metal-esque” sound may be disappointed if you were way into that. Basically, if you liked the punk stuff on “You’re All Gonna Die”, you’ll be happy with the direction the band is going. In fact, you probably won’t even notice a change in direction.

We have a new drummer. We are retiring the “Plague” character and will be revealing a new character in January.

Mike “Lamentor” Walter has left Grave Robber. Mike is continuing his education, persuing a Masters degree. He is also currently a worship pastor at Fist Missionary Church in Fort Wayne, IN. So, with new school schedule, new career, and all that comes with both of those, Mike decided to step down. If you missed it, you can read about it on Lamentor Grave Robber’s page. We wish him all the success in the world. Just because he’s not in the band anymore, doesn’t mean we aren’t brothers! We love you, Mike! We are retiring the “Lamentor” character with Mike’s departure.

Our great friend Grant “Grim” Butler left the band earlier this year and we never really said “Goodbye” publicly because we were hoping he’d come right back. Reality is Grant had to leave due to illness in his family and that continues to this day. We love and miss Grant terribly. We wish him the best and ask that you pray for his family. We have retired the “Grim” character.

Guitarist Wanted: 
Grave Robber is looking for a solid punk rock guitarist into theatrical performance who shares our worldview. You know the drill: Pro gear, pro attitude, and able to do roadwork.

The right guy MUST:
– Share our worldview
– Be adept at punk rock guitar playing (downpicking, solid tone)
– Be tasteful about leads
– Pro gear
– Able to tour
– Vocal ability
– No attitudes
– Stage presence (Put on an insane performance!)

If you are interested, please email us at: Graverobber.punk@gmail.com
~~Shawn “Wretched” Shawn Browning


Grave Robber Oct 31

Be Afraid [2007]
Inner Sanctum [2009]
Exhumed [2010]
You’re All Gonna Die! [2011] [Album Review]

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Video below for ‘Altered States’

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