‘Project 86’ New Song Available for Streaming ‘Acolyte March’


P86Project 86 released a new single ‘Acolyte March’ the song comes off their upcoming album “Knives to the Future”. The album will be released on November 4th. and is the follow up to 2012’s “Wait for the Siren”.

According to their press release, 18 new tracks were recorded including an acoustic one, “We have loved pushing the envelope of evolution on every Project 86 release and this record is no exception. The inspiration behind this record is completely different and its been incredible to write and record with such a talented group of guys,” said lead singer Andrew Schwab in a statement.

The band was able to raise $90,000 for their project after only setting their goal for $50,000. This placed the campaign in the top 10 of IndieGogo all time.

“We had such an amazing experience from start to finish on the last record that we couldn’t wait to do it again. Even more fans got involved this time and blew us away with their support. We have had backers coming in the studio participating in the process, singing gang vocals, Skyping with us, etc. It’s a fun and rewarding way to create and release new music.”

Some of the band’s incentives included executive producer credit, P86 performing a show anywhere the fan would like, guest vocals, liner notes, early music, and more.

“Our direct partnership with you allowed us to make the record we always dreamed of making. The songwriting process was groundbreaking for us, as a brand new energy was breathed into this band. The recording environment was incredibly satisfying, and we were able to collaborate with many of our long-time friends and peers-from Brian “Head” Welch of Korn/Love and Death, to Bruce Fitzhugh of Living Sacrifice, to Blake Martin of a Plea for Purging,Schwab said in a letter to the fans at the beginning of the campaign which stated their good experience with the last album.

He continued, “The reception to the album was amazing to witness. Crowds at our shows swelled and both fans and critics alike gave the album rave reviews. “Wait for the Siren” garnered multiple #1 singles, including the smash-hit ‘Fall, Goliath, Fall,’-a song that delivered one of our most high-profile placements in the history of the band, as the basis for Jim Nantz‘s monologue during primetime of the opening rounds of the NCAA Basketball tournament.”

Knives To The Future 2014

01. Spirit of Shiloh
02. Acolyte March
03. Knives to the Future
04. Son of Flame
05. Captive Bolt Pistol
06. Ambigram
07. Genosha
08. Pale Rider
09. Valley of Cannons
10. White Capstone
11. Oculus
12. Nocturnal Gaze
13. Firefly Without a Night
14. Transposeur
15. In Trenches


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Soundcloud-Player: ‘Acolyte March’ (NEW)


Soundcloud-Player  ‘Spirit of Shiloh’


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