‘Project 86’ “Knives To The Future” (European Version Including 2 Bonus-Tracks) Due Out Jan. 16th.


Project 86 (2014)After a highly successful Indiegogo campaign, veteran rock band Project 86 have released their ninth studio album, “Knives To The Future,” on November 11, through their own label, Team Black Recordings. An European version including 2 bonus-tracks will be released next month on Jan. 16th.

Mixed by Steve Evetts [The Dillinger Escape Plan, All That Remains, Sepultura] and mastered by Alan Douches [Mastodon, Underoath, Black Dahlia Murder]. Artwork by Dan Mumford [Killswitch Engage, Bring Me The Horizon]

Project 86 is an American rock band from Orange County, California, formed in 1996. The band has released eight albums, which have collectively sold nearly 500,000 units worldwide, two EPs, two DVDs, and one live album. Their music is characterized by a rock/post-hardcore/alternative style. Frontman Andrew Schwab’s poetic and introspective lyrics have addressed a wide variety of topics such as conformity and emptiness.

No strangers to the independent album release, Project 86 has taken that route once again with “Knives To The Future” following a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign. Nearly doubling their initial goal, their fans spoke loudly with their support and are sure to be pleased with the result.

Lead vocalist Andrew Schwab was quoted In a recent press release. “This record is a continuation thematically of where we left off with “Wait for the Siren”. It tells the story of a soldier post-battle who has forgotten where he came from or who he is. The album is about a search for truth and destiny through rediscovering secrets hidden in your past. Sonically it is heavy, deeply emotional, desperate, and very personal. I’m very proud of what has been accomplished both with the fans and the music in this recent chapter.”

Andrew and his band have every right to be proud. Several of the tracks have a familiar Project 86 sound with his prominent vocal stamp, but despite the relatively new lineup, this is very much a veteran album full of complex themes and music. I’m reminded of artists as diverse as The Beatles, P.O.D., Stavesacre, Tourniquet, and more. Synths, electronic noise, and alternating channel and siren-like guitar riffs are interspersed throughout as well, lending to a sense of the surrounding battle. Even the album art plays a part in illustrating the story, immediately called to mind by the intro track of boots crunching through the snow and continued by the opening line of ‘Spirit of Shiloh’. “I wade through silence on this frozen battle field.”

This album, while haunting and saturated with emotion and weariness, is also full of hope as evidenced by the title track. “No retreat; there’s nothing behind me. We have no choice; we’re never surrendering! We’ve gone too far to turn back now.” Mark Salomon (Stavesacre) is brought to mind in the slow-paced ‘Son of Flame’ as Andrew sings about the burning flame lighting the darkest day. ‘Ambigram’ is a P.O.D.-tinged track where the singer is reaching out, seeking shelter from the battle. “Meet me in my sanctuary where no enemy will find the key.” There is little doubt where Andrew’s hope comes from in this story. ‘White Capstone’ contains beautiful melody, background vocals and dynamic changes with lyrics addressed to the only one who can give meaning to this battle.

01. Intro
02. Spirit of Shiloh
03. Acolyte March
04. Knives to the Future
05. Son of Flame
06. Captive Bolt Pistol
07. Ambigram
08. Genosha
09. Pale Rider
10. Valley of Cannons
11. White Capstone
12. Oculus
13. Nocturnal Gaze (bonus track)
14. Veritas (bonus track)


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Video below ‘Knives To The Future’

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