Progressive Rock-Metal Orchestra ‘Ainur’ Releases Re-recorded Version of ‘Fall Of Gondolin’


Italy’s progressive rock-metal orchestra Ainur has just unleashed the new (old) single ‘Fall Of Gondolin’. Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s opus for a decade and a half, Ainur are back with a re-recorded and re-mixed version of their 2006’s ‘Fall of Gondolin’, foreseeing the much awaited 5th full-lenght coming out later this year. The official videoclip can be seen below.

The band comments: “‘Fall of Gondolin’ is one of our most representative song, that’s the reason why we couldn’t choose anything better than this to introduce the new visual and sonic identity of the band. FoG is the perfect example of what Ainur were and what they will be from now on.”

The new single is a re-recorded and re-mixed version of their 2006’s ‘Fall Of Gondolin’ and will NOT be included in the new album. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Massimiliano Flak (Sound Storm, Highlord) at Evolution Studios (Torino – Italy), ‘Fall of Gondolin’ is available for stream and download here.

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Video for  ‘Fall Of Gondolin’



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