Power Metal Band ‘Symphony of Tragedy’ (feat Tommy Johansson) Releases New Single ‘Rise Again’


Rise Again’ is the new single from Symphony of Tragedy. Power Metal from Sweden band founded by Tomas Svedin, together with Tommy Johansson (ReinXeed/Sabaton) on vocals. About the new single they stated:

We have worked so hard with this track for a long period of time. This might be the one track that we are most proud of. It’s a mid-tempo Power Metal tune with high-pitched vocals about the hero The Starborn which unite a fallen nation after a war that brought the nation to the ground, making them rebuild their nation from ground up.. We hope you enjoy this piece!

This will also be the last single you will hear from us. The next time you see something from us we will have a full length album for you to enjoy!

Cover art by Ina Astardjieva at Keep Painting

Symphony of Tragedy was started by Tomas Svedin in 2014. The idea is to record Epic Power Metal covers with various guest artist to raise money for Artists Against Cancer, started by Fonzi Bolin.

So far the band have recorded I Want Out (Helloween), featuring Lars Palmqvist (Scar Symmetry), Yannis Papadopoulos (Wardrum) and Tommy Johansson (ReinXeed), they also just finished a recording of Indian (Sturm und Drang) featuring Lars G Persson (The Storyteller).

All tracks are available on iTunes and Google Play and all the money that it brings will go unshortened to the Artist Against Cancer Foundation.

Weblinks: Facebook / Spotify / Bandcamp

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