Swedish Metal Band Shadows of Paragon to Release New Album This Spring, Listen to ‘Your New Identity’


It has been several years since these guys and girl released anything new, until THIS spring! The brand new “Amendment” will be available in March/April, and you can order from Nordic Mission today! 47 minutes of crazy black metal packed in a nice digipak CD with a 20-page booklet!

A new track from the band ‘Your New Identity’ can be heard below. And watch the video message from Zharlie there as well

The band states: The Bible describes God’s love and grace towards mankind. It also describes the old covenant law and what is right.

Sometimes it seems to men like grace and law contradict each other, but Christ said that He did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it (Matthew 5:17). The law is still in effect: Jesus took our place and fulfilled it on our behalf so we can be deemed free and innocent by the standards of the law. Furthermore, Psalms 119:160 (AMP) says that the sum of God’s Word is truth. Among Christians there is a division between those who emphasize grace and those who emphasize living perfectly according to the law. Those who focus on grace easily become very liberal and those who try to live perfectly according to the law easily become legalistic.

Several of us in Shadows of Paragon have a more legalistic background. Some years ago, we began to study the balance between God’s grace and the law of the old covenant. We saw Bible verses that we had read before – but never fully reflected on or understood. Our view of the law and grace began to change profoundly.

In Romans 6:17–18, Paul writes about turning our hearts to the gospel and as a result becoming free from sin and belonging to righteousness. It’s not about fulfilling the law and doing everything right, but to have one’s heart changed and longing for what is good and pure. We can choose to have a heart that loves God and our neighbor. Choose to look at people and at life through the loving eyes of God! Jesus never looked at people through the eyes of the law but through love and grace. Yet, He is the only one who has ever fully complied with the law. Therefore, He is the only one who can set us free from it.

You do not have to be righteous and loving for God to meet you and want to be with you; however, if you love God and become a born again believer, you will receive His righteousness and if you associate with Him you will also become loving.

Transformed in His likeness we became children of God (2 Corinthians 3:18, Gal 4: 4–7 Romans 3: 19–25, Romans 6:

With Love,
Zharlie, Fredrik and Linus

Video for ‘Your New Identity’

Video for Amendment Preorder


Amendment of the Heart
The Shadow
Your New Identity
The Oathkeeper
Behind the Torn Veil
Silence the Cynic
Not by Domination
Outnumbered the Dark
Faith in Being Forever Save


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