‘Phinehas’ Releases New Music Video For ‘My Horses Are Many’


Phinehas has released a new music video for My Horses Are Many. The song is taken from their latest album The Godmachine [review], which was released July 2011 via Red Cord Records. The video can be seen below.

Above the ashes of a dry and thirsty scene, where towers of pride rise and fall, stands Phinehas [FEHN-ee-uhs]. Formed in 2001 on the outskirts of Los Angeles, Phinehas is a band of Christians with the purpose of being a shining light amidst a dark scene. They recognize that a message is only perceived as good as the messenger, so music quality holds an equally important role in their ministry. What initially began as a thrashy hardcore band has flourished into a brand of metal that not many can emulate.

Phinehas has never lost momentum. Their intense and passionate live show is a hit everywhere. Largely influenced by the music of bands like As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, and Van Halen, Phinehas is a band that loves fast beats and guitar solos while never forgetting their roots by weaving in powerful breakdowns.


Lyrics: My Horses Are Many

this is what its like to be on fire burning through the coals/what a way to release this fury and be consumed/a false prophet and a terrible liar/trading money for souls/abomination of a broad horizon/you sold them for a frail mansion/its nothing but dust/your recompense and tongue will be fed down your throat/oh you’d topple the pillars of a church to make yourself a god/when you speak it’s a dead language/forfeit the grace you never preach/limb for a limb/you’ll be torn to shreds/eye for an eye/you’ll be torn to shreds/throw it down like you never want to see it again/if this is a slippery slope you’re at the bottom of the ditch/take advantage of the children yet you call yourself a man/if this is a slippery slope you’re at the bottom of the ditch/headlong


Upcoming Shows:
Oct 21 @ Cobalt Cafe, Canoga Park, CA
Oct 28 @ The Pirate Bar, Santa Ana, CA

Band members:
Sean McCulloch – Vocals
Jason Combs – Guitar
Bryce Kelley – Bass
Lee Humerian – Drums

Weblinks: WebsiteFacebook / Myspace

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