‘Orphaned Land’ Guitarist ‘Yossi Sassi’s’ ‘Simple Things’ Video Released


Simple Things, the new video from the acclaimed Middle Eastern guitarist Yossi Sassi [Orphaned Land], can be seen below. The song comes off his debut solo album, Melting Clocks, which was released in the U.S. and Canada via End Of The Light Records, with distribution through DisManic and eOne Distribution.

Melting Clocks was released in other parts of the world in March viaVerycords. The CD, which was produced and composed by Sassi, features guest appearances by several known musicians, including former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman.

Familiar to numerous music fans all over the world by his unique trademarked signature sound, Sassi blends east with west, rock with world music, melodic tunes with progressive passages, and traditional folk instruments with roaring electric riffs.

With over 20 years of experience as a producer, composer/arranger and founding member of Orphaned LandYossi continues to soar to new horizons.

Yossi is known for being the constant explorer of sound and musical boundaries, driving inspiration from different cultures around the world. Yossi plays 17 (!) different types of guitars and traditional instruments, and has been invited to play live and share the stage with artists such as MetallicaMarty FriedmanSteven WilsonYehuda Poliker and many others.

Yossi has cooperated and recorded with artists from Kuwait to Portugal. He is a veteran performing artist, with hundreds of global shows and major festivals in his record.

Featuring world-known musicians, this album takes you to a journey around the world with traditional instruments such as saz, bouzouki, oud, chumbush and many more.

Sassi will support former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman on the“Guitar Universe 2012” European tour in October. Also scheduled to appear is France’s Stéphan Forté [Adiago].

Melting Clocks track listing:

01. Drive (6:18)
02. Fields Of Sunrise (5:07)
03. The Calling: Rush Hour (4:51)
04. Numbers’ World (5:10)
05. Melting Thoughts (3:38)
06. Another Day In The Office (4:18)
07. Ain’t Good Enough (3:56)
08. The Routine (4:43)
09. Sahara Afternoon (6:56)
10. Sunset (2:16)
11. Simple Things (4:54)
12. Melting Clocks (3:38)

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