Diamondog – Faithful Unto Death


Diamondog are a hard rock band from Oslothat has been in existence since 1998. They have appeared on national television, played support for Turbonegro and appeared at numerous venues, pubs and small festivals, mainly in Norway and Sweden. They released their first album “Diamondog” (2003) and followed up with “Black Comes the Morning” (2009). In the summer of 2009 the band expanded with a new guitarist Håvard Træthaug, which made the band complete and led to the release of “Love, Pain and Diamonds” EP (2010).

In 2011 the band collaborated with Fredrik Wallumrød (El Caco) and Tommy Akerholdt (Turbonegro, Serena Maneesh, Silver.) for the release of their third album, “Kill Me”. In the spring of 2012, Diamondog signed an agreement with Swedish Doolittle Group for a worldwide release. This is a re-release, but two songs (Messed Up, Keep Me Safe) are not included in the new edition as they’ve been replaced with “Let The Fight Begin” and “Soak It In”, with the album being re-titled as “Faithful Unto Death”.

This is not to everyone’s taste and led to Rockunitedreviews stating “The music? It’s like if you’re watching a car crash accident in slow-motion and bits and pieces of various sever bodyparts are flying across the screen. You’re simply trying to duck and cover as the strange Foo Fighter vs. Takida vs. Motorhead vs. Hoobastank vs.LinkinParksong gets in your way.Norway, if Diamondog is the most promising hardrock act you can produce as of today. Simply don’t and focus on producing more of the great A-HA pop, etc. Then again, ignore the lack of songs, original ideas, and overall content, and end up mighty pleased with a brand new coaster?”

Personally, I think that this was too harsh a criticism … but I can see where they are coming from.

They start off strongly with the high octane ‘Kill Me’, the classic rocker ‘Hurt’ and the rabble-rousing ‘Let The Fight Begin’.

However I do have mixed feelings about the fact that they copied some of Motorhead’s riffs for ‘Like A Diamond’. If they wanted to pay homage to their heroes, they could have just done a cover version.

They also try out several different styles, as can be heard in the grungy ‘This Is A Love Song’ and the GnR swagger in ‘If’. The introverted ballad of ‘Don’t You Die’ makes for a down-beat closer.

Rating: 6/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

1.Kill Me 3:19
2.Hurt 3:00
3.Let The Fight Begin 2:44
4.Lost In Tranqulity 3:53
5.This Is A Love Song 3:54
6.Like A Diamond 3:35
7.Soak It In 3:15
8.No Other 3:41
9.Let It Snow 4:38
10. If 2:58
11.Don’t You Die 3:53

Line up:
Mikael Lillevold – Vocal
Frode Heiestad – bass
Frank Bjaanes – drums
Håvard Træthaug – guitar
Morten Husvik – guitar

Record Label: Liljegren Records / Doolittle group, May 2012

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Myspace


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