‘One Bad Pig’ Announce New Drummer ‘PJ Bostic’ of ‘Grammatrain’


Paul RorabackOne Bad Pig just announced the new drummer for the band: Paul Roraback aka PJ Bostic drummer of Grammatrain and multi-instrumental solo artist.

PJ has been a professional touring and recording musician for over 20 years. He’s worked with such artists as Monte Montgomery, Bloodgood, and Lisa Tingle, and was a drum tech for legendary drummer Terry Bozzio for three years. He also co-founded the Forefront/EMI signed Seattle band Grammatrain, known internationally for their music.

On December 15 2015, Bostic released a new solo album “Light Me On,” a heavy but light and airy prog rock sound that delivers fresh and palatable tunes to a very discriminating audience. Fans of Rush, Porcupine Tree, Ty Tabor and even Sunny Day Real Estate have something to grab onto here.

For a very long time it was very quiet around punk-rock band One Bad Pig (OBP). Back in 2010 we did an interview with OBP, in which they said that even though they are not currently active, the band still existed. Recently (on facebook) there were even rumors/speculations about a possible new OBP album. But the silence has been broken now. Paul Q-Pek (guitar) recently reported the following announcement:

“Howdy ONE BAD PIG people! Paul Q-pek here……..Please pray for the band. This is a big year for us as we reunite to celebrate more than 30 years! We are playing in early July at the AudioFeed Festival in Illinois and hope to be doing some local TX dates as well. We are considering doing a Kickstarter campaign for a new album. Also our friend Carl Phelan has written a book about the band called “One Bad Pig Forever”. It should be available soon. As we write new songs, we are hoping to catch the vibe and zeal that we had when we first got together in 1985. Blessings.


Upcoming ‘OBP’ Shows:
July 1-3 – Audiofeed Festival, Urbana, Illinois

Weblinks: Facebook / Website

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