Norwegian Unblack Metal Band ‘Flukt’ to Play ‘Inferno Metal Festival’ on March 23rd.


A.Ø - F.HNorwegian Unblack Metal Band Flukt are proud to announce that they will be playing live onstage at Sentralen March 23rd. During the Inferno Metal Festival.

Inferno Metal Festival will be held 23–26 March 2016 at Rockefeller and John Dee in Oslo. Traditionally, Easter in Norway is associated with cross-country skiing and eggs. But while many city people rush off to their mountain cabin for the holidays, others go to Oslo to “paint the town black”!

New for Inferno Metal Festival 2016 is the brand new stage at Sentralen, where Norsk Urskog and Negative Vibe Records will be presenting their bands. Entering the stage on Wednesday 23th of March is Flukt, Atena and Shaving The Werewolf ! More Information.

Flukt‘s debut EP “Holocaust” has been released on February 23rd. 2015 through U.S label SkyBurnsBlack Records.

Flukt’s lineup consists of the Cyanide duo A.Ø (guitar, bass, vocals) & F.Hulløen (drums, vocals), and on the track ‘Tomhet’ they are joined by guests Stig Reinhardtsen & Ole Kristian Fagerdal on percussion/drums.

A.Ø explains that Flukt’s debut EP is in the realm of old school black metal, with a focus on a dark atmosphere.The songs are described to have good propulsion and a drive to them, with varied pace. Lyrically it’s about war and death, with influences from their own thoughts and experiences. The lyrics on “Holocaust” are also, not surprisingly considering the title, inspired by WW2.

An Interview with Flukt can be found here.

Our review of “Holocaust” can be found here.

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