‘Norma Jean’ Releases ‘I. The Planet’ Live Footage Video


Douglasville, GA metalcore band Norma Jean checked in with the following:

“Polar Similar” turns one tomorrow. Check out the live footage music video for ‘I. The Planet’ and grab limited edition Planet lyric tees. All at

“Polar Similar” the band’s seventh record since their inception has been released on Sept. 9th. 2016 through Solid State Records. Featuring a bombastic approach to the songwriting, the song never lets the listener have a moment to catch their breath, chugging through riffs and blasting through rhythm sections without anything held back. This attitude seems to be what Norma Jean sought to capture across the entire record, a fire breathing group of musicians not ready to slow anything down.

“…once you press play it’s impossible for your mind to wander at all, leaving you to digest Polar Simliar as one giant, all-encompassing piece of pitch-black brilliance.” — Metal Hammer

“‘Polar Similar’ is once again an evolution for Norma Jean. It’s relentless, it’s cacophonous, and has some of the bands heaviest, most technically proficient work to date.” — Punktastic

“In Polar Similar, Norma Jean have pulled off what is often nearly impossible. As a band, they have managed to stay true to their sound while at the same time expanded that sound incorporating elements that one could almost consider polar opposite and managing to arrange things such that the album does have the feel of a concept album with a start and finish told in one long track.” –The Metal Resource

The band is comprised of: Chris Day – Guitar, Cory Brandan – Vocals, Jeff Hickey – Guitar, Clayton “Goose” Holyoak – Drums, John Finnegan– Bass.

Upcoming Shows:
Oct 06 Come and Take It Live Austin, TX
Oct 07 Rail Club Fort Worth, TX Tickets
Oct 08 Scout Bar Houston, TX

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Video for ‘I. The Planet’

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