Next Saturday: Festival at Naxt Stage, Almelo, NL (Time-Table Available)


Mauce_nlFestival-2016-A4_68cOnly one week to go, next Saturday (June 18th) its finally time for Festival. The festival in celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Metal Resource will be held on June 18th. at Naxt Stage in Almelo (NL). Check out the time-table below.

Seven bands will enter the stage: Pantokrator (SE), My Silent Wake (UK), The Royal (NL), La-Ventura (NL), Undawn (NL), The Memory Remains (NL) & Empire of the Wolves (NL).

Have you seen the personal video-messages from the bands yet, if not you can watch them here.

The Swedish death metal band Pantokrator returns after nine years to the Netherlands, to play an exclusive show at our anniversary festival.

Pantokrator band_2014Pantokrator‘s latest & long- awaited studio album “Incarnate” has been released  Jan. 21th. 2014 via Rottweiler Records & Soundmass“Incarnate” … was a long journey – 7 years – of writing, composing, editing and recording. It is an album that in itself is something all new, yet at the same time has the intensity of their heavy-hitter “Aurum” [2007] and the “Heritage of Blod” [2003]. Musically, this Swedish band is now heavier but more melodic, brutal but catchy, dark but progressive. With skill and talent, “Incarnate” mixes thrashy riffs with a mantle of death metal and a heart of doom. It is moody extreme metal cloaked in death metal – their best and most diverse album. Add to that top-notch production and a final mix by Jani Stefanovic and you get Pantokrator at the top of their game audibly, lyrically and visibly.

Pantokrator‘s ”Incarnate” has the heaviness of the earth, the speed of the wind, the depth of the waters and destroys like fire!”

Video below: Pantokrator – ‘ The Madness of Nebuchadnezzar’


The Royal_TwitterDutch based metalcore band The Royal formed in 2012. These 5 ambitious young men show incredible promise through songs that showcase poignant and powerful writing, both lyrically and musically while still staying in touch with their metal roots.

Their first full length album “Dreamcatchers” has been released on July 31th 2014. The album feat. guest vocals of Shawn Spann (I The Breather ) and Ryan Kirby (Fit For A King), mixed and engineered by the American producer Cory Brunnemann. The songs cover riffs that stick, brutal vocals combined with raw backing tones, recognizable oriental spheres combined with exquisite melancholic parts and big tempo switches. Given their ability to draw the listener in with brutally honest lyrics supported by technical but easy listening instrumentals, The Royal shows solidarity for their future as a band to be taken very seriously.

Lyric video: The Royal ‘Earth Gazer’ (ft. Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King)


la ventura_2015The Dutch melodic metal band La-Ventura are no strangers anymore in the metal scene. La-Ventura confirm they are a solid band, they deserve their place on the map and on the various stages in Europe and around the world.

La-Ventura was founded in early 2007. With just one single out called ‘Trefoil’, it caught the eye of labels around the world, battling it out for an exclusive deal. The band released their first full length album “A New Beginning” in 2008 throughRenaissance Records (USA), followed by an EP in 2010. Their second album called “White Crow” has seen the light of days in 2013 with an independent release for The Benelux. Recorded in a top studio (MII Studio, France) blending analogue with digital, the sound of the band improved immensely. The tracks gained in power and conviction, never losing the real live sound and feel. Their latest album “2.0” EP has been released last year (Nov 7th).

Video below: La-Ventura – ‘As I Lay Dying’


MSW_2016_b1fBritish death/doom metal band My Silent Wake also comes over for an exclusive show. My Silent Wake‘s roots lie in the death/doom band Ashen Mortality. Ashen Mortality were formed in the early 90′s in Halesowen, West Midlands [UK] and were active for a further 11 years. Check out this video with rare filmed footage of Ashen Mortality (Enschede, 1994). When the band split in 2005, three of the members went on to form MSW. The band was formed in the spring of 2005 in Weston-Super-Mare in North Somerset. Initially the band was created by Ashen Mortality co-founder Ian Arkley with other ex Ashen Mortality members. Recently the band also celebrated ten years in existence and during the last decade they have released a dark host of enthralling albums and EPs, becoming one of the most respected figures in British doom. The band have recently recruited keyboard player Simon Bibby, who just as Ian also played in Seventh Angel. This is the first time in their history that My Silent Wake have had a dedicated keyboard player in their ranks and Simon’s arrival opens even more doors for the band, particularly in terms of their live performance.

“Eye Of The Needle” has been released in November 2015, the album sees them embracing their dark ambient/experimental side.

Video below: My Silent Wake –  ‘And So It Comes To An End’


the memory remainsThe Memory Remains (formerly known as Dazzle) is a new 80’s metal/rock band hailing from Holland, with members from different bands and musical backgrounds such as Decision D, Beyond The Doom, Morphia, Dilemma. Their first gigs were last year at Graceland Festival (Zelhem) and Babypop (Woerden).

Video below: The Memory Remains


undawn_2015_d9aUndawn is a melodic metalcore-band from the Netherlands, metalcore with a message as they describe it themselves. They are around for quite some time now, their first EP was released already in 2007, the same year that Tom and Michiel founded the band. Two years later they won the Dutch edition of Metal Battle and in 2011 the band released its first debut album “Jumpers”. Aardschok Magazine called it: “The best metalcore album coming from the Netherlands so far”. The song ‘Glacier of Tears’ made it to ‘Best Metal’ on the 22Tracks website. Undawn has played over 130 shows in- and outside the Netherlands. They also supported big names like Textures and Soulfly. 

Undawn‘s latest album “Justice is …” is released in Dec. 2015 through Graviton Music Services.

Video below: Undawn- ‘Coming Home’


empire_of_the_wolves_2015_a8aEmpire of the Wolves from Ede, is a new young and promising Metalcore/Deathcore band . Expect fast and catchy riffs, heavy breakdowns and all range vocals! Currently the band is working on their debut EP, which will be released soon.






16.15 – Doors Open
16.30 – 17.00 Empire Of The Wolves
17.25 – 18.05 La Ventura
18.30 – 19.10 Undawn
19.40 – 20.30 My Silent Wake
20.55 – 21.50 The Royal
22.20 – 23.10 Pantokrator
23.35 – 00.15 The Memory Remains (afterparty)
00.30 – Doors Closed

For tickets and/or more information:  Facebook event:


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