Power Metal Band ‘Iron Savior’ Drops Music Video for ‘Stand Up And Fight’


‘Stand Up And Fight’ the new video from German power metal band, Iron Savior can be seen below. The track comes of their new album, “Kill Or Get Killed” which is out now via AFM Records.

That Hamburg isn’t only the most beautiful city in the world but also a big stronghold when it comes to power metal should be well know ever since the nineteen eightie s. Also every fan of hard, melodic music should be familiar with the band of guitarist and singer Piet Sielck, Iron Savior, who are a known quantity in the metal game.

The band has been continuously releasing albums since its founding in 1996. With twelve albums, several chart entries for example with “Titancraft” (2016) and nearly 4 million streams for their hymn ‘Heavy Metal Never Dies’, it is clear that Iron Savior are on the right track with their classic and thrilling metal sound.

Piet and his fellow bandmates are unleashing album number 13, “Kill Or Get Killed.” Though the artwork and title seem to be unusually grim, the band stay true to their straight to the point guitar solos, perfect hooks, catchy choirs and the characteristic voice of front man Piethimself. This mix makes “Kill Or Get Killed”an excellent power metal album.

Certainly those ten new songs plus one bonus track are again well produced by band boss Piet, as he is not only guitarist and singer but also owner of the Powerhouse Studios.

Our review for “Kill Or Get Killed” can be found here.

01 Kill Or Get Killed
02 Roaring Thunder
03 Eternal Quest
04 From Dust And Ruble
05 Sinner Or Saint
06 Stand Up And Fight
07 Heroes Ascending
08 Never Stop Believing
09 Until We Meet Again
10 Legends Of Glory
11 Sin City (AC/DC-Cover; Bonustrack)

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Video for ‘Stand Up And Fight’

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