Brazilian Groove/Thrash Metal Band Doomsday Hymn Releases “Sujo/Imundo – RemiXes” EP


Originally released as lyric video at the end of January this year, ‘Sujo / Imundo’ is one of the new singles from the Brazilian Groove/Thrash Metal band Doomsday Hymn, which has been getting a good acceptance of the group’s fan base, besides being broadcast on radio stations in Brazil, Argentina, The United States and Europe.

As part of a planning orchestrated since before the band officially went back to their activities, is released last friday (March 8), the EP “Sujo/imundo – RemiXes” where friends of the band, there are producers too, had the opportunity to deconstruct the track and remount it accordingly with ther thoughts.

The original version of the song was produced, mixed and mastered by Tiago Brandão in the studio Vox Dei Music in Curitiba / PR and the EP will be accompanied by remixes by Kado Fueta (SP) and Pedro Farinazzo (MG).

You can listen to the versions below:

Doomsday Hymn is:
Gil Lopes: vocals
Renato Ribeiro: guitar
João Rafael: bass
Jairo Messias: drums

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Video (audio) for ‘Sujo/Imundo’ (Blazing Beaver Remix by Kado Fueta)

Video (audio) for ‘Sujo/Imundo’ (Enharmonic Khaos Remix By Pedro Farinazzo)



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