‘Platoon 1107’ Releases “Day of Anger” Part 4” as Free Download (Final Installment)


Exactly one year ago, Platoon 1107 released the first in its four-part Day of Anger series, which chronicles the spiritual journey of one man through a difficult year of loss, grief, and questioning of Faith. It reflects cathartic introspection and personal evolution, which yields many unanticipated outcomes, but ultimately results in a doubling down on personal commitment to fatherhood, marriage, values and Faith. Not all miracles and rainbows. It does not have a fairytale ending, but something more tangible. More real. More lasting.

“The title is called Day of Anger, not because I’m angry at God or other believers or even myself…I’m angry at a system…angry at a way of thinking that has oppressed and suppressed people for centuries: the use of religion (in general) to manipulate and enslave and hurt good people. I lost faith in Christianity and the church…but not in Jesus.” J. Sisco

Part 4 combines five songs into a single track spanning approximately four minutes of intensity and aggression. A free download with separate tracks featuring the entire EP, a version without spoken interludes, and an instrumental only version.

1. Anticipatory Coping
2. The Cabletow
3. Oligarchiam
4. Spectral
5. Jack London

Also available is a version that seamlessly combines all four Parts into a single collection. All music, lyrics, vocals, guitar, bass, recording, mixing, and production by Jimmy Sisco. Interludes are taken from various public domain sources. Otherwise, copyright © The Sisco Kid Music (SESAC), 2019. All rights reserved. Available for free download at:




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