New Kanseil Single Available for Streaming ‘Il Sergente Nella Neve’, Acoustic EP Out Now


Italian folk metallers KanseilL have finally unleashed the new acoustic EP “Cant Del Corlo” via Rockshots Records!

To celebrate the release, the band has also posted a new lyric video of the song ‘Il Sergente Nella Neve’

Lyric video for ‘Il Sergente Nella Neve’

The record is a concept album inspired by the four seasons, a perennial cycle that escapes human control. The spinning wheel (‘Corlo’) becomes the eternal wheel that makes us mortal. Four epic songs with extra atmospheric intro and outro allow the listener to dive into the mood of the seasons, becoming inevitably part of the endless flow of time. Even if the acoustic mood has always been pervading Kanseil’s creations, they wanted to dare a step further by releasing a record without any electric instrument.

01) Levante
02) Verta
03) Tra Le Fronde
04) Boscars
05) Il Sergente Nella Neve
06) Ponente

The new EP “Cant Del Corlo” is now available on all the major physical and digital stores:

Band members:
Andrea Facchin (Lead Vocals)
Marco Salvador (Guitars)
Davide Mazzucco (Guitars, Bouzouki)
Dimitri De Poli (Bass)
Luca Rover (Drums)
Luca Zanchettin (Bagpipes, Kantele)
Stefano Herian Da Re (Whistles,Rauschpfeife)

For More Info: Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter / Spotify / Instagram

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