Project Aegis Releases “And The Rest Is Mystery” Charity Single (Feat. Neal Morse, Members of Theocracy, Daniel Heiman, Leah)


Ulterium Records is proud to announce the release of ‘And the Rest Is Mystery,’ another all-star charity track for sale under the Project Aegis name, with 100% of the income going to Legacy Music, a nonprofit organization that provides music lessons and instruments to children and teens from difficult backgrounds. These include depression, anxiety, and trauma; physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; psychological disorders; and substance and alcohol abuse. Some of their students are foster youth, and others have been rescued from human trafficking.

‘And the Rest Is Mystery,’ which is over nine minutes in length, was composed by Theocracy songwriter and vocalist Matt Smith, and features vocals by Neal Morse (Neal Morse band, Transatlantic, Flying Colors, ex-Spock’s Beard), Daniel Heiman (Dimhav, ex-Lost Horizon, Heed, Harmony, Crystal Eyes), Leah McHenry (LEAH) and Smith, as well as instrumental support from Smith’s Theocracy bandmates Ernie Topran and Val Allen Wood. The artwork was created by Markus Sigfridsson (Darkwater, Harmony, All Things Fallen).

You can watch the studio video for ‘And the Rest Is Mystery’ below.

Project Aegis previously released the charity singles Collide and Spark’ (2013), proceeds from which went to feed the homeless in the Nashville, Tenn., area of the U.S., and ‘Angel In the Ashes’ (2016), proceeds from which went to feed and clothe homeless and refugee families in Greece.


Purchase “And the Rest Is Mystery” here: Bandcamp / iTunes / Amazon

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