New ‘Grave Robber’ Song Available For Streaming [Pre-Orders Available]


Hear the title track of Horror Punk band  Grave Robber’s upcoming releaseYou’re All Gonna Die. Release date: November 7th. If you Pre-order the album by Oct. 15th, you will also get a free digital copy emailed directly to you, plus a free copy of Grave Robber’s “Exhumed”!

Recently Grave Robber has revealed the cover from their upcoming album Youre all gonna die this will be the follow up to Inner Sanctum which was released in 2009 via Retroactive Records. [Tracklist & artwork can be viewed below].

Vocalist Wretched commented:  Also, to explain, the skull is the universal symbol of death. Notice that the mouth is sewn shut? This symbolizes death being silenced, or “swallowed in victory”.

The title refers to a) human mortality, b) the death to self and sin through Jesus’ sacrifice, and… a very bold proclamation of  victory over forces of darkness through Christ’s resurrection! 

You can read Grave Robber’s  Mission Statement HERE.

Pre-Order Here

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Track listing:

1) Flatliners
2) You’re All Gonna Die
3) Paranormal Activity
4) Invisible Man
5) Something Wicked This Way Comes
6) Nightbreed
7) Haunted House (I Beleive In Ghost)
8 ) Incredible Shrinking Woman
9) Last Man On Earth
10) Fill This Place With Blood
11) Curse Of The Werewolf

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