‘Redfield Records’ Releases “Free Love. Free Mosh. Free Waffles” Summer 2017 Sampler, Available for Free Download


Summer slump is cancelled! The compilation “Free Love. Free Mosh. Free Waffles!”Redfield Records Summer 2017’ includes 30 Songs by 30 artists and it’s now ready FOR YOU for free on Bandcamp.

Everyone who’s downloading the compilation also has the chance to win 1 of 3 exclusive packages including music, merch, stickers and (of course) waffles!

Get tracks from: A Traitor Like Judas, Abandon All Ships, All For Nothing, Antillectual, Any Given Day, As We Go, Breathe Atlantis, City Kids Feel The Beat, Defy Your Dreams, Elwood Stray, Final Story, For I Am King, Heartbound, Kids Insane, Malcolm Rivers, Miles Beneath, Mutiny on the Bounty, Neberu, Returner, Revaira, Team Stereo, Texas Local News, The Pariah, Up North, Valley, Shoot The Girl First, We Scrape The Sky, When Stars Collide, Whiteriver and Wolves Scream!

Listen to ‘Free Love. Free Mosh. Free Waffles!’ as stream:

Spotify / Deezer / Soundcloud  / Bandcamp


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