‘Nemesis’ Guitar Play-Through by Jack Daniels (Hope for the Dying / War of Ages) Available


Jack Daniels_WoAKiesel Guitars artist Jack Daniels, from Hope for the Dying and War of Ages, stopped by the custom shop to play ‘Nemesis’ from the new Hope for the Dying album “Legacy.” Jack is playing a stock A6c in Kiesel Racing Green, loaded with Kiesel Lithium humbuckers. The Aries series guitars are available in 6, 7, & 8 strings with standard or multi-scale neck configurations. The video can be seen below.

Hope For The Dying’s aptly titled “Legacy” album is their third for Facedown Records, and solidifies the band’s place at the top of the tech-metal genre. HFTD have perfected the craft of melding the modern and vintage sounds of American and European metal into 10 tracks of technical symphonic genius.

Our review for “Legacy” can be found here.

Hope for the Dying formed in November of 2006 with sights set on bringing something different to the table. Tired of the typical oversimplified music that has manifested itself in today’s heavy music culture, Hope for the Dying brings new meaning to the idea of ‘guitar-driven metal.’ Even when drawing influence from genre heavy-weights Dimmu Borgir, Opeth and Between the Buried and Me, Hope for the Dying have worked hard to develop a signature sound that is as technically proficient as it is fresh and unique.

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