My Silent Wake Releases Video for New Single ‘Lavender Garden’ from Upcoming Album “Lost In Memories, Lost In Grief”


British death/doom metal band My Silent Wake just released a new single ‘Lavender Garden’ which is taken from their new album “Lost In Memories, Lost In Grief”, out next May 3rd as CD/LP/Tape and Digital via Ardua Music.

Track Listing:

1 – The Liar And The Fool
2 – Wolf
3 – Lavender Garden
4 – When You Look Back
5 – Another Light (Lyric Video)
6 – The Last Lullaby
7 – No Time
8 – The Judges

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UK revered purveyors of emotive doom, My Silent Wake, have returned, bearing with them their twelfth full length album, “Lost In Memories, Lost In Grief”. Despite featuring some of the heaviest, most intense music that the band have ever recorded, this new testament to their enduring creative powers also draws upon the strange magic that has infused their recent acoustic, folkloric albums – adding something richly organic and steeped in a sense of history to its entrancing elixir of sound. The result is an album which burns with a new, vibrant energy beneath the customary mantle of melancholic majesty, an album that shows My Silent Wake still forging ahead and crafting some of the most affecting and dramatic music imaginable.

About this new song, Ian would say: “The song is based upon my mother who suffered with Alzheimer’s but passed away in 2022 from heart failure, well before she lost who she was completely to that awful disease. It is what I imagined she was experiencing in her mind. I know she thought she was young, and she loved her garden and the birds and especially loved the scent of lavender. In the end it is the place we wish she could forever be, in eternal bliss”

“The music is very much inspired by classic doom, metal and rock, which is the music I grew up with. Simon’s Yamaha Reface YC organ and lead vox add to the classic feel. Gareth and Addam both play their parts perfectly and everything gels so well on this song. I added a few background growls along with all my guitar parts and have to say that I am proud of what the four of us have achieved here. Greg Chandler handled the studio as faultlessly as ever and again has given us the sound we hoped for.”


In the garden she moves
Through the fountain of youth
Where her future dreams
Flow through her

Painted birds whisper songs
In the forests beyond
And the lavender rain
Falls upon her

Beautiful shapes
How the world creates
Colour cast skies
So far away

In the garden she feels
All that time has concealed
She can fly, she can sing
Love holds her

Something sounds from beyond
Interupting her song
voices speak from the rooms
All around her

Beautiful thoughts
Now the mind creates
Colour cast skies
So far away

Here she belongs
In her mind she will live on
The hands of time
Leave her to her own designs

Dreams come and go
Rational thoughts collapse
Her smile tells of peace
But she loses her grasp

Now you know she has gone
And the flesh turns still
She transcends
Knows no pain

And the fires render ash
Or the worm will be fed
A light has been lost
From among us

We wish she could walk free
Somewhere better than this
To her lavender garden
Eternal Bliss

Beautiful souls
How the world creates
Colour cast skies
So far away

Here she belongs
In her mind she will live on
The hands of time
Leave her to her own designs

Here she belongs
The hands of time
She transcends
Knows no pain
Colour cast skies
So far away

Video created and arranged by Mark Broomhead
Lavender girl: Anastasia Shuraeva

My Silent Wake:

*Ian Arkley – Guitar / Ebow / Growled and semi spoken-word vox
*Simon Bibby – Yamaha Reface YC organ / Clean vox / Whispers
*Gareth Arlett – Drums
*Addam Westlake – Bass

Greg Chandler – Recording, engineering, mixing, mastering and wizardry.

Mark Broomhead – Catering, moral support and critical feedback.

Produced by Greg and MSW.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Priory Recording Studios, Canwell, England.

Keys, leads and clean vocals recorded at The Hollow Hearth.
Hollow Hearth recordings engineered by Simon Bibby.

All music and lyrics by Ian Arkley

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