‘My Silent Wake’ ‘Pÿlon’ Split Album “Empyrean Rose” Available For Pre-Order


MSW 2013As previously reported, British death/doom metal band My Silent Wake will release a split album with Pÿlon from Switzerland. The album carries the title “Empyrean Rose” and will be released in November. The album is available for pre-order now. Artwork & tracklist can be viewed below.

My Silent Wake‘s roots lie in the death/doom band Ashen Mortality. Ashen Mortality were formed in the early 90′s in Halesowen, West Midlands [UK] and were active for a further 11 years. When the band split in 2005, three of the members went on to form MSW. The band was formed in the spring of 2005 in Weston-Super-Mare in North Somerset. Initially the band was created by Ashen Mortality co-founder Ian Arkley with other ex Ashen Mortality members. Nowadays the band line-up has changed again and the current membership is Ian Arkley, Mark Henry [also of March of Time], Adam Westlake [also of Striga] and Rich Alden [also of Penthos]. The band’s latest album “Silent Under Midnight” has been released in June via Bombworks  Records.

Recently we had the opportunity to do an interview with My Silent Wake. If you missed it, click here. And our album review for ‘Silver Under Midnight’ can be found here.

Pÿlon, hailing from Switzerland, have been garnering quite a bit of attention in the world of doom. The band has already successfully released 2 EP’s and 4 full length albums independently. Their previous 3 albums combined to form a three part opus. The first part of the trilogy entitled Th’ Eternal Wedding Band has been out of print for years, and as a commitment to their fans that purchased it, they have vowed never to repress it again. The second and third part of the trilogy, Doom and Armoury of God, are equally becoming harder and harder to find for doom fans worldwide.

The band’s 5th full length release ‘The Harrowing of Hell’ may be the one that moves them to the head of the pack. In late 2012 this album was released as a Limited Edition vinyl version of only 300 copies and contained 7 tracks for those avid vinyl collectors. A limited cd edition pressing  [500 copies] has been released June 2013 via Roxx Records, to read our review for ‘The Harrowing of Hell’ click here.


Empyrean Rose


My Silent Wake:
1. Tower Walk
2. Tearing Worlds Apart
3. Mirrored
4. NDE part 2
5. Welcome To The Village

6. Doomstone 2013 7:05
7. Droid [Candlemass cover]
8. Falling Into The Sun 7:44
9. By Loving Forces 8:36
10. Golden Voice 4:21
11. Post Tenebras Lux

My Silent Wake
Ian Arkley
Mark Henry
Addam Westlake
Rich Alden
Marc Ellison [acoustic tracks]

My Silent Wake: Website / Facebook / Reverbnation / Twitter

Doomstone (2013 re-recording): Jordan Cutajar: vocals; Matt Brand: guitar; Jan Thomas: bass; Andrea J.C. Tinner: drums
Droid: Matt Brand: vocals & guitar; Jan Thomas: bass; Andrea J.C. Tinner: drums
Falling Into The Sun (2013 remix): Tinu Christen: vocals & drums; Jan Thomas: bass & growls; Matt Brand: guitar
By Loving Forces: Matt Brand: vocals, guitar & bass; Andrea J.C. Tinner: drums; Vale Baumgartner: guitar solo
Golden Voice: Matt Brand: vocals & guitar; Jan Thomas: bass & keys; Andrea J.C. Tinner: drums; Vale Baumgartner: guitar solo
Post Tenebras Lux: Matt Brand: guitar

Pÿlon: Website Myspace

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