Brazilian Metal Band ‘Maestah’ Self-Titled Debut Album Released


Maestah_LogoMaestah is a quintet from Curitiba – Paraná – Brazil. With just over two years and practicing a sound that includes a mix of styles like Heavy Metal, Power Metal and Prog Metal. Their self-titled debut album “Maestah” is released on March 7th.. The band will be on the road to promote the album. The first track from the album ‘The Pilgrim’ can be streamed in the soundcloud player below.

“Maestah” was recorded at Silent Music Studios in Curitiba and effectively exposes the main influences of the band, which are names like Symphony X, Dream Theater, Metallica, Pantera and Evergrey.

Despite being a group formed only a few years ago, the members have several years of experience, and are known in the scene. Eduardo and Lucas were involved in Twilight of Time and released the EP “The Pilgrim”, in mid-2010. Celso de Freyn is an old acquaintance in the scene for recording what is considered one of the best albums of Heavy Metal songs in Portuguese, the classic ‘O Sentido da Vida,’ with the band Stauros, in addition to his work with the Italian band Seven Horizons. And Jarlisson Jaty with Survive and currently owns the drumsticks in Doomsday Hymn.

The band consist of Eduardo Pieczarka (Bass), Lucas Santana (Guitar), Celso Freyn (Vocals), Diego Maciel (Keyboards) and Jarlisson Jaty (Drums).

Cover CD Maestah

01. The pilgrim
02. The desert of soul
03. Sands of time
04. Shelter
05. Angels cry for me
06. City of destruction
07. Gate of damnation
08. Little shining star
09 Mia piccola stela

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