‘My Epic’ Trailer For New Album / Documentary Posted Online


my EpicCheck out the trailer for a new My Epic documentary following the making of their fourth full length album. This is an intimate look at the people who make up My Epic, what got them to where they are now and the process of writing and recording music [and lyrics]. This anticipated short film will be the perfect companion to My Epic’s upcoming album release. The video can be seen below.

The soundtrack of a hopeful youth shimmers inside the unassuming three piece that is My Epic. Deliberately penning lyrics to subvert all basic human nature, My Epic have become the unforeseen antidote to apathy with song after song evoking raw emotion wrapped in a palpable tenderness.

Soaring refrains and dynamic vocals breeze in and out of carefully sculpted songs with alternated softness and exuberance. The often heart rending melodies roll and rush around vocals that threaten to sweep you off your feet. Lyrically stunning, vital and rebellious in the most captivating way, My Epic has staked their claim on Beauty as certainly as they have taken their stand against the unremarkable. When inspiration comes from beauty the result is anything but ordinary, and for My Epic the results are unforgettable.

My Epic consist of: Aaron Stone, Matt Doran, Jeremiah Austin, and Tanner Morita

Upcoming Shows:
April 13 – Facedown Fest 2013 – The Stronghold [12410 Norton Ave], Chino, CA

I Am Undone [2008]
Yet [2010]
Broken Voice [2011]

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