‘The Poor Geezers’ Releases ‘All 4 One’ (Best Of Album), Available Now


The Poor Geezers bandphotoWell, who would have thought it, the DIY stalwarts The Poor Geezers bringing a “best of” album that is being jointly released by Thumper Punk Records and Raven Faith Records. SELL OUT!-STOP, HALT, WHATEVER- Here’s a chance for more DIY enthusiasts to get their grubby paws on their street soiled tunes and to catch a glimpse of their warty souls. The Poor Geezers trust these labels and nobodies in it for the filthy lucre — there is none to be made in this punk underground rock scene-well known FACT. Just Do It.

Ok, for those who do not know The Poor Geezers here’s a quick introduction: The core team members are Dean Riches, multi-talented, guitarist, drummer, singer, songwriter, harmonica player who lost his front teeth in a Meteors mosh pit and Eagle Spits, poet, croaker, activist who loves The Clash and Blind Willie Johnson. At times various friends of The Poor Geezers have been known to join them on stage and disc.

Joe Strummer once argued that The Clash always thought they were a punk band and this meant playing what they liked. The Poor Geezers adopted the same attitude “experimental acoustica with its roots set in punk but happy to trudge beyond” (Dave Ht Fungalpunk). The Poor Geezers take from punk, psychobilly, blues, folk, rock n roll, poetry etc. etc. and make their own genre known as Patchwork Punk (a term originally used to describe The Poor Geezers by Dave Ht). The two geezers share song writing duties and their songs are about what they think, feel, see, dream and envisage. There is faith, hope, joy and laughter to be found in the dark landscapes where the songs are written. Keeping quiet about oppression, injustice and hypocrisy is not an option for The Poor Geezers. The truth may well set you free but nobody said it would be easy. According to Kevin Davies from Combat Ready fanzine there was more truth and common sense to be found in The Poor Geezers first album than in the whole back catalogue of Crass records. Dean and Eagle were at one time drugs counselors and Community Psychiatric Nurses respectively so it is no surprise that a dark sense of humor often creeps into their work. Finally to sum it up we have to go back to Dave HT, montage a controlled mayhem but a picture painted that was very much loaded with messages and beliefs. “This is why I am a punk – for moments such as this – if you don’t get it you never will – it is your loss.” Check The Poor Geezers out for yourself with this release.

The Poor Geezers “Best of” album is now available through the Thumper Punk Records website, and available for digital download at iTunes and the other usual places. Thumper Punk Records (www.thumperpunkrecords.com) helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message. Raven Faith Records is the music arm of Raven Faith Bible Study (www.RavenFaithBibleStudy.com), which provides online Christian bible study courses, ministry, and teaching. Release date April 9, 2013.

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The Poor Geezers cover

1. Intro
2. Blood On My Shoes
3. Riverside
4. Never Mind Little Girl
5. Man Finds Biro
6. Shadow King
7. Where Next Penny Rimbauld
8. Ain’t Like it Used to Be
9. Homeless Again
10. 3x Dead
11. Be Transformed
12. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
13. Intro to Poor Boy
14. Poor Boy
15. She
16. Ain’t Always Easy
17. Wup Wup Woo
18. Flying High
19. The Reaper
20. Voice of the Streets
21. Dancing in Dachau
22. Starting Point of Genocide
23. Burn Media Burn
Total running time 1:00:30.


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Band members:
Eagle Spits-spitting
Dean Riches aka Creepy Cool-everything else

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