MxPx Releases ‘Doing Time’ Music Video, This Friday “Between This World and the Next”


In this song, I equate growing up and navigating school and social life to doing hard time in prison. It can feel like you’re trapped in a prison at times, but really, it’s about seeing the bright side and the positive perspective and using the hard times we face as fuel for the next challenge, always waiting around the bend.

The verses are peppered with these oddball awkward experiences I had as a kid. New experiences and feelings were always fuel for lyrics like in this song and others I’ve written. These experiences, like having tons of fun and falling in love, but also feeling anti-social, feeling anxiety for no real reason, rebellion, questioning authority and the norms, drinking tequila with a worm for the first time, getting peed on twice in 24 hours, staying up past my bedtime and writing songs like, Doing Time.


Drums: Yuri Ruley
Bass/Vocals: Mike Herrera
Guitar/Vocals: Tom Wisniewski
Guitar/Vocals: Chris Adkins

This Friday, May 7th at 6:30pm PDT MxPx is playing Live On the Internet!

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Video for ‘Doing Time’

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