Motivik Prepare to Release Renouncement, Artwork and Tracklist Revealed


Having announced themselves to the world with their 2020 debut album, Death Of The Gunman, a diverse and exuberant offering that Heaven’s Metal branded a “riff-filled, upbeat thrashy piece of metal art”, Motivik, consisting of the Atlanta, Georgia duo of multi-instrumentalist Ryan Roebuck and vocalist Courtney Simmons, are back with a second salvo of their distinctive, melodic thrash metal. Featuring thirteen killer tracks, bursting at the seams with exhilarating riffing, Renouncement sees Motivik taking giant, determined strides and lifting their metal to the very highest level.

Instrumental opener ‘Palace Of Ashes’ seizes the attention, building anticipation with its spiralling guitar leads, thunderous drum rolls and underlying piano melody – and then the world explodes… ‘Dethroned’ unleashes a raking burst of machinegun riffing, pinning you back in your seat and the electrifying adrenaline ride through classic thrash, melodic metal and adventurous, progressive song writing has begun! Courtney Simmons’ incredible voice leads the charge through punishing verses and towering choruses, his delivery impassioned, his range and power breathtaking. And throughout each song Ryan Roebuck fires out a stunning array of riffs and solos that hit that perfect metal spot every single time with unerring accuracy. With utterly outstanding songs like ‘Harbinger Of Demise’, ‘Septicemia’ and ‘The Storm Within’, Motivik have fulfilled all the potential that screamed out from the grooves of Death Of The Gunman. This is the sound of true metal magnificence.

Working once again with Roxx Records, Motivik will turn loose Renouncement on July 1st, complete with some arresting and impactful cover art created by Mangled Carpenter’s Seth Metoyer. This album screams out Motivik’s arrival on the international metal scene – a band to be reckoned with, a band who can take on all-comers – and win. The irresistible elixir that made you first fall in love with heavy metal and thrash is pulsing through the veins of Renouncement, enhanced with a fresh, vital energy. The ride of your life is waiting…

Track Listing:
1 – Palace Of Ashes
2 – Dethroned
3 – Renouncement
4 – Break The Walls
5 – Septicemia
6 – This Man I Am
7 – Harbinger Of Demise
8 – Final Hour
9 – Lord Of Death
10 – The Storm Within
11 – The Head Collector
12 – Dead By Daylight
13 – Once Again

Genre: Thrash/Heavy Metal
For fans of: Annihilator | Tourniquet | Forbidden | Believer

Courtney Simmons – Vocals
Ryan Roebuck – Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Keyboards

Video for ‘Break The Walls’

Motivik on Social Media: Facebook / Bandcamp / Spotify

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