‘Mortification’ Live @ The Central Club,Melbourne [Video Available]


The entire 1st Mortification show back in 3 years and 4 months is posted online. The concert was recorded 18th Feb 2012 @ The Central Club, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia. Check out this cool concert below.

Steve Rowe commented: The 1st show back went well! We supported the mighty Pegazus at The Central Club here in the Melbourne central suburb of Richmond. A Great Metal Venue that has now become the Home Of Old School Melbourne Metal with Metal Gigs on most Fridays and Saturdays. We performed 5 new songs from “Scribe Of The Pentateuch” and 5 old songs – Brutal Warfare, The Destroyer Beholds, Hammer Of God, Scrolls Of The Megilloth and God Rulz!! 

It is Andrew‘s 1st Show with Mort and Lincoln‘s first Show with Mort in over 10 Years. They both did a stellar job under difficult circumstances. Linc had only been back in The Band 6 weeks, but as usual blew us all away! Andrew is solid and proving to be the best of assets to Mort, not just as a Drummer but as A Great Young Man Of God! Andrew‘s drumming on both The CD and the Show will sure show he has the chops for the job! Lincoln and I have been Very Close Friends for 17 Years and it is so great to have Australia’s Best Heavy Metal Guitarist back where he belongs! Linc is also a righteous Man Of God and a great supporter of mine for so many years! You 2 blokes are A True Blessing!!!

As for me, it was my first ever Mort show throwing some SINGING Vocals into the mix!!?? HaHa! Yep, I am never going to be Dio or Halford but I am just, as usual, mixing it up and shocking people once again!

One thing you will notice about the Mort concert is that I do not speak about my Christian Faith. I say “God Bless You All” at the end. This is The Politically Correct Rich Western World and performing IN A CLUB, IN SUPPORT OF A MAJOR AUSTRALIAN MAINSTREAM METAL BAND, is not the place for me to preach. But hey, ALL The Songs are Christ Focused, I SMILE A LOT and tell funny little happy stories. I fully understand that this is NOT Christian Talk, but please understand that we are there to be SALT AND LIGHT. With the opportunity to PREACH in the right circumstances I Preach To My Hearts Content and DELIGHT!

Set List:
[0:01] – Extradiefor
[3:43] – Hammer Of God
[7:21] – Scribe Of The Pentateuch
[12:48] – Brutal Warfare
[17:10] – Weapons Of Mass Salvation
[22:32] – The Destroyer Beholds
[26:58] – The Jaws Of Life
[29:47] – In Garland Hall
[35:57] – Scrolls Of The Megilloth
[40:42] – God Rulz (The Majestic Infiltration Of Order)


Earlier this month on april 1st. Mortification released their 15th studio album  Scribe Of The Pentateuch, the album can be purchased at Soundmass First Paradox. Tracklist, cover and the new Mort song The Jaws Of Live can be seen/streamed below.

If you are already a member of the Infiltration Squad you can purchase as many copies of “Scribe Of The Pentateuch” from me DIRECTLY for $14 AUD (Australian Dollars) POST PAID to anywhere in The World!! Simply send $14 per CD for 1 or 12 or however many you need to share The Jesus Metal in your area or just for your personal listening!! Simply send the $14 via PayPal to info@roweproductions.com. Please note that you MUST include your MEMBERSHIP NUMBER and ADDRESS with every order! Once YOU become a NEW Infiltration Squad Member and you receive your Pak you may also purchase further copies of “Scribe Of The Pentateuch” through the same process listing your new Membership Number! Thank You all for your support of the new Mortification CD!!

Scribe Of The Pentateuch
The Jaws Of Life
In Garland Hall
Weapons Of Mass Salvation
The White Death

Bonus Tracks
Priests Of The Underground
Too Much Pain
Erasing The Goblin
Elastisized Outrage

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