‘Mortification’ ‘Scribe Of The Pentateuch’ To Be Released April 1st.


Austrialian metal band Mortification performed last night together with classic heavy metallers Pegazus and Kilamaine at the Central Club, Swan ST. Richmond, Australia. It was Mortification‘s first show in over 2 years, with the new line up. Due to that show, bassist/vocalist Steve Rowe reported the following message:

We had a Great Mort Gig with Pegazus last night. 70 Payers at the door which was great. So about 100 in all at the show. We performed 5 New songs from Scribe Of The Pentateuch & 5 Old songs including Brutal Warfare, The Destroyer Beholds, Scrolls, Hammer Of God & God Rulz. Brent filmed the show with 2 cameras & we have some other close up footage coming! Should have 3 New Songs & 3 Old Songs up on You Tube in the next weeks as Brent & I sort through the best footage.

Mark McCormack will finish mix of final song for Scribe Of The Pentateuch CD this week. We have then just got to get together & make the final decisions on The Mix. Just bit less, bit more of this & that here & there. EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE. HaHa! It is sounding Extremely Brutal & Melodic! It is a step forward for sure from the recent past. Lincoln is The Master Guitarist as always. So Great on stage also!!! He & Andrew have done a stellar job! Great having Mark back Producing for us! Troys Guitars are in the mix with Lincs & with 4 Rhythm & Lead tracks sounds HUGE! I am the happiest I have EVER been with my Bass Sound & Vocals! Learning how to SING has taught me finally after 22 years how to BREATH properly. This has resulted in Deep Brutal Death Vocals, Quality black metal style Vocal parts kinda like Immortal & a little Singing here & there. When I pushed the boundaries with Post Momentary Affliction that really paid dividends! I love Progression & Creating that which has never been created before in Extreme Metal! It has been a long process but the end result in beyond rewarding for all of us involved just putting in the effort to Produce a world class Recording with tunes that have taken a year to develop & refine. The Layout is being put together by Scott Waters of Ultimatum & we are looking at an April 1st release! Praise God! He is good. Teaches us patience & perseverance in the face of adversity.


Set List:
1) Extradiefor
2) Scribe of the Pentateuch
3) Hammer Of God
4) Brutal Warfare
5) Weapons Of Mass Salvation
6) The Destroyer Beholds
7) The Jaws Of Life
8 ) In Garland Hall
9) Scrolls Of The Megiloth
10) God Rulz

Do you wanna see some great pictures of that show, go here. 

Mortfication 2012: Lincoln, Steve, Andrew

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