‘Nuclear Blaze’ (Jarek “Fire” Pozarycki) Releases New Digital Single “Toxic People” (Free Download)


Nuclear Blaze (Jarek “Fire” Pozarycki) just released a new digital single ‘Toxic People’ which is available for free (name your price) on bandcamp.

Nuclear Blaze begun in 2012, yet another project of Jarek “Fire” Pozarycki. He has been the brainchild of Fire Throne, Elgibbor, Ithiel, Katharos, and Tertullian and a member of Old Man Frost, Sacred Revelation and Frost Like Ashes.

Although Fire formed the band in 2012, he did not work on the project, as he has been working on his main focus, Elgibbor, as well as a few other projects, he began recording the album late 2016/early 2017.

In 2017, the release of “The Time of Sodom and Gomorrah” was released independently. By September 2017, the project signed to Nosral Recordings, the sister label of Rottweiler Records. Alongside Katharos, Fire has joined the Nosral roster.

Nuclear Blaze‘s latest album “The Time Of Sodom And Gommorah”has been released Nov. 17, 2017 via Nosral Recordings.

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