‘Metal Helm’ Has a New Apparel Printer (Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale)


MH smallGood news today from our friends at Metal Helm/Starve the Flesh Clothing, read more in the following message:

God Delivers a Printer for Metal Helm!!!!!!!
To those who have donated to the printer fund… Thank you!

To those who have lifted Metal Helm up in prayer to our Heavenly Father… Thank you!

To those who have sent encouraging words as we were overwhelmed in the desert… Thank you!

To those who believe that Metal Helm has purpose… Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And Amen!

Last night we carried our new (used) printer into our printing room. The printer was not stored properly when it was last used and needs some replacement parts before it is ready to go but it should only take a week or two or three before it is printing some amazing shirts to help with the advancement of Jesus’ Mighty Kingdom in the metal world.

As I reflect here are some facts:
• In August our old printer broke for the last time, we have had ongoing issues with it for a couple of years. We had to remove all apparel for the second time in a year’s time.
• September 9th we launched the Printer Fund Raising Campaign through GoFundMe.com and in just over 2 months God provided, through over 60 of His people, just under $6,000.
• Last weekend I felt that the time had come to start looking for a used printer instead of waiting for the full amount for a new printer.
• Monday, I actually started looking and quickly was looking at a listing for a used printer that was being sold an hour and a half drive from my house. The next day I was picking it up (Tuesday November 18th). As I mentioned up top, it does need some things but it is very likely that the printer cost and all the repairs will be very near to the $6000 we have raised. I will testify to the exact amounts when the printer is up and running.
• The printer itself is a DTG Viper built in 2011. It has many updates from our old printer (built in 2007) but is the same brand and uses the same software that I am familiar with. This printer looks like new and is very clean. It is selling new right now for $19k. It also has the ability to print oversized prints.

As I reflect here are some thoughts:
I always hesitate to make blanket statements about God’s provision. God is always faithful and always good but that does not always mean that he gives us what we want, sometimes His not giving us what we want is more loving than if He did give it to us. I often think of the persecuted church, that even though they are seeking His Kingdom and His righteousness, they are tortured and killed for their faith and obedience to Christ, and somehow in God’s perfect perspective, that He is providing for their needs as He promised to do in Matthew 6. So as I reflect and testify of God’s provision and answering our prayers, I also understand that He could have said no and I would give Him glory for that also. In fact we went into the fund raiser with the knowledge that we might not raise any money and that I would just close up the printing and go find a different job, we were asking God to show His will for us and Metal Helm and then we would move forward in His will. God did choose to provide and we praise Him because He is real and active in our lives.

To be honest, some of you know already, that I was ready to be done printing. Sometimes, it is hard to know if you are in God’s will and if you are being effective for the kingdom. Sometimes I get discouraged and miss not going to a workplace and interacting with people face to face instead of working behind a computer in a secluded room in my house. I write this not to complain but to let you know where I have been so that I can testify of the now realized blessing of going through this time of uncertainty and seeking of God’s will. I have been encouraged like never before that this is my calling, my job in God’s kingdom, until He says I’m done. We (Jason and I) feel blessed like crazy that we have had the opportunity to hear your encouragements, to see your sacrifices to keep us going, and my spirit is renewed and energized. And I want to say thank you to all who have encouraged us along the way. We need each other; we need to run this race together until the end. Thank you for being there for us in our time of need!

May God be glorified through the unity of His people as we seek Him first!

– Jeremy (Metal Helm/Starve the Flesh Clothing)

black friday

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale:

Starts November 20th and runs until December 2nd. This is our biggest sale of the year with the deepest discounts on almost all of our entire stock of items!

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