Megiddon – Covered By Blood, Burning Inside


Megiddon is a technical death metal from Finland featuring members from bands like Deuteronomium, Icon Clan, Random Eyes, Miseration, Sotahuuto and Rammas Atas. Some respectably bands in that list. Let’s see what Megiddon us brings.

The album starts with “The Signal” the start sounds great but when the clean vocals come in I was a bit shocked. They sound kind of annoying to me.
The next song “Necrosis of conscience” has also some of the clean vocals but this time it’s a little less annoying. But it’s still not really that great.

“Carry my heart” is a nice melodic death metal song. I like the melodic guitars on this one. “Sela” is an instrumental song it sounds good but it ends a little bit abruptly.
On “The Flame that burns inside” the annoying cleans return again. Apart from that it’s a nice song.
“Trial of our lies” is great song it also has some lower growls in them. “Path of blessing” is quiet song with only sung vocals. The cello is great in this song but the sung vocals are not. They are not really annoying this time but it isn’t great either.

Again on “Miniature life protection” the clean vocals ruin it for me. “Me, a wretched” is again instrumental but this time a little harder.
“The Decipherment of the past” is a nice song. It has some cleans but not that much the solo at the end is great.
The last song “My Final breath” is also the longest. It starts slow with some whispering after that the cello starts and the song built up. Than the clean vocals return then the harsh take over again. I really want to love this song because the great atmospheric cellos but the clean vocals again ruin the song.

The lyrics are great they are about struggles and overcoming them. A nice testimony about the origins of the song is in the back of the booklet.

Overall this is a decent release. If you can get past the clean vocals you will enjoy this release. It has some nice melodic death metal. The instrumentation is good and also the lyrics are quite good.

Rating: 5.5/10

Track Listing:
1. The Signal
2. Necrosis Of Conscience
3. Carry My Heart
4. Sela
5. The Flame That Burns Inside
6. Trial Of Our Lies
7. Path Of Blessing
8. Miniature Life Protection
9. Me, A Wretched
10. The Decipherment Of The Past
11. My Final Breath

Megiddon is:
Taneli Törölä – Bass
Rolf Pilve – Drums
Tero Kurkimäki – Guitars
Miika Partala – Vocals
Markus Korri – Vocals, Guitars

Record Label: Bullroser Records, October 2011
Weblinks: Facebook / Myspace

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