“Me And My Guitar” Interview with ‘Korn’ Guitarist ‘Brian ‘Head’ Welch’ Posted Online


Brian Head Welch 2013U.K.’s Total Guitar magazine met up with Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch in Cardiff, ahead of the band’s show with Slipknot, to find out more about his latest Ibanez signature model, launched at this year’s NAMM show in Anaheim, California. Check out the clip below.

Welch left Korn in 2005, got sober and embraced Christianity, saying that as a single father he did not want his daughter around the rock and roll lifestyle. “The last two years I was in Korn, I partied non-stop and started doing speed every day,” he said. “I got so addicted that I got scared. I tried to go to rehab, but that didn’t work. No one could help me. Then I ended up seeing if Jesus was real, and He instantly took the drugs away. He revealed Himself to me and gave me the strength. Once I figured that out, I knew I was accountable to God.”

Welch pursued a solo career for several years before rejoining Korn on stage in 2012 at a festival. He reunited with the group permanently in 2013 and recorded his first album with them in 10 years, “The Paradigm Shift”.

To read our review of “The Paradigm Shift” click here.

Welch is putting the finishing touches on his fourth book, tentatively due later this year. ‘The working title is “With My Eyes Open”, and it’s about the eight years that I was away from Korn [between 2005 and 2013] to the road back to Korn,” he said. ‘And it’s crazy. I’m telling you… I found spirituality and I did have encounters with Christ, but I [spent time] around some wacky people too. And I went through some crazy stuff with, like, court cases, lawsuits… all this crazy stuff, man. So I’m writing about all that…’

Welch‘s previous books include 2008’s “Save Me From Myself: How I Found God, Quit Korn, Kicked Drugs, And Lived To Tell My Story”, a young adult variation on that called “Washed By Blood: Lessons From My Time With Korn And My Journey To Christ” and 2010’s “Stronger: Forty Days Of Metal And Spirituality”.

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