‘Holy Ghost’ Documentary Trailer Released (With Guest Appearances by Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch and Fieldy)


HG logoKorn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch and bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu are featured in the new trailer for the upcoming documentary “Holy Ghost”, which aims to prove that the Holy Spirit is real. The film is being helmed by Wanderlust Productions, which is an independent production company committed to advancing the kingdom of God through the creative use of media and storytelling.

According to the Wanderlust Productions web site: “‘Holy Ghost’ will take [director Darren Wilson] and his team around the world as they go in search of the nature and evidence of the Holy Spirit. They will explore the role of the Holy Spirit in the arts, ministry, and the Christian life. But as with all of Darren‘s films, it will be the encounters of ordinary people with the God of the Bible that will take center stage. Darren feels that God is directing him to approach some of the religions of the world and ‘introduce them to the Holy Spirit and see what happens.’ This will be a film with no script, but will be a visceral, authentic, and wholly unique experience for the viewer.”

“Holy Ghost” will receive a digital premiere on August 9.

In a recent interview, Welch stated that, while he is a spiritual man, he hates religion. “I like to get high on something, and when I asked the Lord to come and make his home inside of me, the spiritual high, it’s so real,” he said.

 “And I hate religion — I don’t talk about religion at all — but the relationship through Christ is what I found. And I’m totally satisfied. Now I can enjoy raising my kid, I can enjoy jamming with music in Korn, I can enjoy anything I do. It’s the best high ever.”

Welch left Korn in 2005, got sober and embraced Christianity, saying that as a single father he did not want his daughter around the rock and roll lifestyle. “The last two years I was in Korn, I partied non-stop and started doing speed every day,” he said. “I got so addicted that I got scared. I tried to go to rehab, but that didn’t work. No one could help me. Then I ended up seeing if Jesus was real, and He instantly took the drugs away. He revealed Himself to me and gave me the strength. Once I figured that out, I knew I was accountable to God.”

Welch pursued a solo career for several years before rejoining Korn onstage in 2012 at a festival. He reunited with the group permanently last year and recorded his first album with them in 10 years, “The Paradigm Shift”.

Fieldy‘s 2009 memoir, “Got The Life: My Journey Of Addiction, Faith, Recovery And Korn”, details his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction during Korn‘s early years and how he became a born-again Christian to help get his life together and get sober.

In an interview with NewReleaseTuesday.com, Fieldy was asked if he ever reached a point, as many others have, where he thought God couldn’t forgive him. “You know, I didn’t have that problem,” he said. “Now that I believe in God, it’s obvious He’s almighty. He created the universe. Because He created something so big, my biggest problems are so small to Him! Once you realize that Jesus died on the cross and forgave you of your sins, you’re like, ‘Wow, somebody did that for me!’ It’s pretty crazy to know that someone died for us — yet we’re all sinners! I’ve done so many things and asked for His forgiveness. But even today, I know I’m still going to fall short in certain ways. I’m still a work in progress.”

Wanderlust Productions comments: ‘We would love to have at least 100,000 people joining us August 9th for the Digital Premiere of “Holy Ghost” and hope you’ll be one of them!’

‘You are welcome to watch this with a group of people at your home, but please have everyone purchase a ticket so we can connect with all of you! Also, this Digital Premiere is not for public viewings in churches or large settings but if you’d like to host your own Holy Ghost event during the tour you can do so HERE.’

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