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See The Storm Mattie Montgomery is the lead vocalist in the American metalcore band, For Today. He joined them in 2007 and has featured as their front-man to date. It is notably that Mattie did not know any of the band members when he joined For Today. But it was not long before he made his mark. He had two conditions if he was staying in the band. Firstly, they must have a Bible study together every day. Secondly, Mattie wanted the band’s focus not just on performing, but also on ministering to the audience.

He recently stated “Our goal is to have people, as many people as possible, meet Jesus so they can realize who he really is.”

Besides his work in For Today, Mattie has his own solo project as a spoken word artist and preacher. These releases are ‘When the Sons Become Fathers’ (2010), ‘The Keys to Open Ancient Gates’ (2011) and ‘See the Storm’ (2013).

The album has atmospheric guitar rumblings and feedback behind his spoken word rhetoric. In ‘Prepare The Way’ he compares current believers to John the Baptist as forerunners to prepare this world for the return of the King. ‘The Resistance’ uses excerpts from the “Reformer’s Creed,” and F. Nolan Ball’s “Kingdom Man” as he talks about sin being the only big issue in our lives and how a mighty generation needs to arise from the ashes of religion.

Then there is the more reflective ‘My Apology’ which talks about how salvation has been simplified, but overlooking the fact that the path of faith is never without a cost. This leads into the keyboard based ‘You Are Worth It, Part 2’ which reflects that the cost of following the Father Yahweh is worth it. This trio of songs are rounded out by Delana Wood providing worship vocals throughout ‘Yours Alone’.

There is the dance oriented beats of ‘Identity Theft’ about temptation, acoustic guitar and keyboard in ‘Buried Treasure’ and the melodic industrial rhythms of ‘Supernatural Interruption’. There are vocal excerpts by a variety of preachers in ‘Intercessory Prayer’. Finally, there is another tour-de-force in ‘See The Storm’ as he explains how Yahweh is not tame; when He comes, a storm comes with Him. After building to a crescendo, there is a quieter section to allow you to take in what has just been proclaimed, before Mattie grabs you by the scruff of the neck again to shake away your complacency.

Rating: 7.5/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

1 Prepare the Way
2 The Resistance
3 My Apology
4 You Are Worth It, Pt. 2
5 Yours Alone (featuring Delana Wood)
6 Identity Theft
7 Buried Treasure
8 Supernatural Interruption
9 Intercessory Prayer
10 See the Storm

Solo Albums:
“When the Sons Become Fathers” [2010]
“The Keys to Open Ancient Gates” [2011]
“See the Storm” [2013]

Record Label: Oct. 2013

Christ in me is the hope of glory.

Weblinks, Mattie: Twitter / Facebook Website

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

Video below ‘The Resistance’

Video below “See The Storm” Album Teaser

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