Manta Birostris – “Bóg urojony / God delusion” EP


BOGPunk rock takes many different forms, sounds and attitudes. Over the years I can’t see one specific genre being absolutely pure of its origins. It’s this development that has brought many different ideologies and sound – scapes to the genre.

So in about 2012 a new form of band known as Manta Birostris from Poland, Warsaw was formed atheistically rooted in punk but broadening its boundaries way past the confinements of punk. Recordings started in the same year.

Manta Birostris as I said have its roots in punk, but ultimately mix it up quite a bit, and you get to experience a more darker sounding band, that utilizes sludge and noise, with industrial overtones and integrated within that some experimental garnishing with middle eastern influences. You’ll hear dark wave and cold wave in the mix which at times can lend to a dooming and eerie sound.

Adam Sokół , guitarist, vocalist and lyricalist for Manta Birostris says ”Welcome to the world of my reflections on human nature, God, society, ideas – wrapped in raw, dirty punk music…”. There is a element of the Melvins in the sound to give you some measurement, launched with some influence by bands like Black Flag. There is uniqueness about the band’s sound that makes it unmistakeably their own brand of rock n roll brew.

To start things off at the heart of this band is the DIY approach, so if you like it raw with some smokey basement aethestitic then this could be up your alley. The debut release was released on the 15th December 2012 and is entitled, Bóg urojony / God delusion.

The intro starts with some Middle Eastern affiliation, before the song “Wiosna” begins with its industrial experimentalized sound infused with a noise punk backdrop. Early Killing Joke comes to mind.

Bóg urojony: Starts with a strong punk drum beat before the Black Flag type guitar energy errupts , and the angry Henry Rollins vocals dominate the mix. Its not the most inventive song, but carries both that 80’s hardcore aggression and agility so memorably laid down by bands like Minor Threat and Black Flag, yet still carrying a back drop of doomage in the mix. The guitar tone so reminds me so much of Killing Joke.

Preludium:Is the longest track on the EP by far, may be a little too long for my liking at 6m39s as it begins to become a little monotonous half way through. At the same time the band pulls out all punches in terms of mixing it up genre wise, its an experimentalized, industrial excursion driven by a sludge psychedelic overload. I am sure I pick up some Melvin influence on this number.

Klamca: On this track, my favourite out on this EP drives with that 80’s hardcore punk aggression like bands like Discharge and Varukers , the song is a great moshpit number, and inhibits a lot of aggression and energy for any hardcore punk enthusiast. That said there is always a under tow of sludge in the mix.

Wczorajsi królowie / Outro: is an acoustic outtake that still drives with 80’s punk energy with street punk aethestitic coupled with whistling towards the end. Very much a working man’s sounding song piece, still clutched in progressive and experimental overtones that show influences in dark wave and doom.

In closing then Manta Birostris is undeniably but not exclusively a punk rock rooted band that indulges in some psychodelic , experimental elements that are infused with such genres as doom, cold wave, dark wave and industrial and even some Middle Eastern tendencies are adopted. So that’s quite a mouth full indeed. Overall still has lots of room for improvement, but its 80’s influence hardcore punk matched by its Melvinized doom sludge characteristic deliver a dark barrage of sounds that are clearly suited to the upper reaches of Europe.

Manta Birostris is a band that is part Discharge crossed Black Flag that bumped into Killing Joke, that grew up on the Melvins and spent time listening to Einsturzende Neubauten, whilst drinking up some Minor Threat whilst sun tanning under NOMEANSNO. That got their guitars mixed up in the amps of Sonic Youth, whilst navigating through bands like No Longer Music and The Dead Kennedy’s, and whilst setting up their sound spilt over some Joy Division mixed in with Big Black.

Rating: 7/10

Written by Donovan de Necker

1) “Intro/ Wiosna”
2) “Bóg urojony”
3) “Preludium”
4) “Klamca”
5) “Wczorajsi królowie / Outro”

Record Label: Kolektyw Kotwica Rec. Dec. 2012

Band members:
Adam Falkonetti – guit / voc / lyrics

Special guests :
Wojtas Misztal – bass
Joey Doll ( Warsaw Dolls ) – bass
Raf Deputat – sound
Mr.Machine – drums
Piotr Sadowski – git ( La Aferra )
Koralgol ( There Is No Tomorrow ) – voc
Krzysztof Berent – congas/djembe
Pablo Mamryk – sax
Semir Rasmussen ( Nongore Hell ) – dr

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

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