Maleachi – “Open Your Eyes” EP


Maleachi - Open Your Eyes Maleachi is a German metalcore / melodic hardcore band from Sosa, Saxony that was founded in the autumn of 2010. The band’s name is taken from Malachi in the Old Testament and means ‘messenger of God’. They released their independent debut EP ‘History Of Burning Emptiness’ (2012) and continued with ‘Open Your Eyes’ (2013), available through Whirlwind Records.

The band line-up was Elias Fischer (vocals), Marc Unger (guitar & vocals), David Neubert (guitar), Gideon Weigel (bass) and Felix Göbel (drums). Since recording their new EP, David Neubert has left the band to concentrate on his studies and Samuel Markus is their new guitarist. Their influences range from For Today and August Burns Red to Course Death (death metal) and Woke Up In Hospital (metalcore / deathcore).

The album opens with a blatant declaration of faith in ‘We Believe’. It starts up-tempo before slowing down into choppy riffing with alternating growled and screamed vocals. “All power to the king of kings / everything must bow down to your name / all glory to the lord of lords / all knees will bow down to your name / bow down”. There are several changes in tempo and the chorus is sung in clean vocals during the latter part of the song. ‘The Undated Day’ has a longer fast paced part before settling into hardcore grind with gang vocals. There is a melodic spoken section before returning with hardcore chugging. Then there is the curiously different ‘Take To The Road’ which has clean singing trading alternating lines with screamed vocals. There is also some technical riffing with intense growling “Because you’re my lord / because you’re my praise / I wanna take to the road / take to the road with you”.

The first three tracks are relatively short and it is not until ‘A Distressed Man’ that they hit their peak. This track is also accompanied by a video by Michael Seiler of Walnut Films. It has a brooding intro with sparse melodic guitar before moving into hardcore. It likens the believer to a blind man trying to captain a ship and losing course. It takes an act of faith to let God steer us through the storms to our destination. “Be the captain of this ship, of my life / lead me through the oceans, through my life / be the wind for the sails, for my life / shine like the rising sun / take my life and make it yours / you’re my redeemer”. It is about being blinded by the futility of life and losing sight of what is important.

‘Escape From Myself’ is their second long song and deals with the agonising time where you are waiting for an answer to prayer. In the meantime you are stumbling around and causing injury to yourself. Following on in this darker theme ‘My Last Written Words’ is places you on a battlefield beside a mortally wounded soldier contemplating his imminent death. He realises that the crucifix around his neck is much more than a piece of jewellery, it is a symbol of the risen Lord.

They end with ‘Hope’ which has gently chiming guitar with a spoken exert from Matthew 5: 3-10 (also known as the Beatitudes).

Rating: 6.5/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

1 We Believe
2 The Undated Day
3 Take To The Road
4 A Distressed Man
5 Escape From Myself
6 My Last Written Words
7 Hope

Record Label: Whirlwind Records, Dec. 2013

Band members:
Elias – vocals
Marc – guitar/vocals
David – guitar
Felix – drums
Gideon – bass

“History Of Burning Emptiness” EP [2012]
“Open Your Eyes” EP [2013]

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Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

Video below “Open Your Eyes” EP Teaser

Video below ‘A Distressed Man’

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