We Ride – “Empowering Life”


We Ride is a hardcore band from Vigo, Spain. The band was formed by singer Mimi Telmo and guitarist Borja Trigo.

In 2009 they self-released a demo that led to their first full-length album “Directions”. In 2012 they released their second full-length “On The Edge”. Over the years We Ride played with bands like H2O, Comeback Kid, Madball, Bane and many others in over 30 countries worldwide. They hit the studio again in 2016 with Alex Cappa at Metal Factory Studios outside Madrid and the album was mixed in early 2017 by Cameron Webb.

Empowering Life”, is WE RIDE’s Victory Records debut, and was released on April 14th, 2017.

At the beginning of the album the music slowly swells on and gets you excited for what is to come. And when it all breaks loose We Ride treats us on some old school hardcore With the first track ‘Voices’. And the energy rages forth with ‘Self Made’ for which they shot an official video. In contrast to a lot of other hardcore bands the choruses are sometimes catchy and the riff at two thirds of the song is just epic! And the riff at the beginning of the third track, ‘What You Are’, has a Slayer feel to it but the song is quickly back at the roots of classic hardcore/punk. This song also features Deez Nuts front-man JJ Peters.

What makes We Ride also unique is that the leadvocals are done by a woman and it is done deservingly… I know that there are more hardcore outfits with female screamers, like All For Nothing for example, but let’s be honest, the female vocalists are still a minority. Unfairly if you ask me, they give it an edge that male vocalists just don’t have.

The fifth track ‘Do It All Again’ is also a song that I want to mention. In their biography they state that: “When we started We Ride, we all came from different musical styles, from pop-punk to metalcore to R&B”. They wanted to mix that all to their own style of hardcore. When hearing this song I only can say AMEN to that. Before I read their biography I listened to this album and it struck me that, despite it was old-school hardcore, I heard something fresh that kept it instantly interesting.

Throughout the entire album you can hear the different influences, especially pop-punk is present albeit not overdone. They keep the true hardcore spirit alive.

Everybody Matters’ reminds me a bit of Cro-Mags especially at the beginning, don’t ask me why, but for a moment I felt like a teenager again. And at the half of the ninth song ‘Endless Hopes’ we hear some spoken word after which the song is building up again to an energy where you just can’t sit still in your chair.

The beginning of the last track ‘Hands Off’ is just brutal, if this song doesn’t deliver a great moshpit when played live, I don’t know what ever will…. The screams of Mimi are just so intense in this song and together with the gang-vocals, which are regularly heard throughout the album, you have the recipe for an excellent hardcore track. Of course with the obligated part with just bass with a guitar-solo over it. Great song to end an album that surprised me from beginning to end.

Highly recommended!

Rating: 8/10

Written by: René Woning

Track Listing:
01. Voices
02. Self-Made
03. What You Are (featuring JJ Peters of Deez nuts)
04. Time Is Now
05. Do It All Again
06. Summer
07. I’mpossible
08. Everybody Matters
09. Endless Hopes
10. Hands Off

Band members:
Mimi Telmo – Vocals
Borja Trigo – Guitar
Nuno Alves – Guitar
Brais Lomba – Drums

Directions” (2010)
On The Edge” (2012)
Empowering Life” (2017)

Record label: Victory records, April 2017

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video for ‘Self Made’

Video for ‘Do It All Again’

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