‘Maleachi’ Debuts First Music Video ‘A Distressed Man’


Maleachi bandGerman metalcore/melodic hardcore band Maleachi recently released its first music video ‘A Distressed Man‘. The song comes off their upcoming EP “Open Your Eyes”, release date coming soon, The video can be seen below.

Hailing from Sosa, Saxony and the band was founded in autumn 2010. Since they played some shows and improved their musicality. More complex song structures and diversification characterize their current sound. This began with their debut EP “History of burning emptiness” which has been released, autumn 2012. The debut album is still available for free download, click here.

Lyrics for ‘A Distressed Man’:

The sun touches the horizon again
I wonder about my course
Day after day the same mistakes
Fog disguises my eyes
Water rises up
A blind man cannot navigate a ship

To change isn’t a long way
Yet I stay on this course

All these thoughts impede me
To walk the narrow path
I fall into the depths of loneliness
My eyes are closed
By a darkness
A blind man cannot navigate a ship

This time I’m the sleeper
I cannot control the storm
But I only have to open my eyes
I’m surprised about the darkness
Yet it was only my failure
I open my eyes and trust in you
Only you can control this storm

Be the captain of this ship, of my life
Lead me through the oceans, through my life
Be the wind for the sails, for my life
Shine like the rising sun
Take my life and make it yours
You’re my redeemer

Band members:
Elias – vocals
Marc – guitar/vocals
David – guitar
Felix – drums
Gideon – bass

Weblinks: Facebook / Reverbnation / Myspace

Video below ‘A Distressed Man’

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