‘Malchus’ talks New Album “The Evil House”, New Music Video and More


Malchus 2014’10 years had to pass before releasing a studio cd that sounds so good. “The Evil House” is a music book in which each song constitutes a separate historical thread. Listening to the cd you will not fall into monotonny as heavy guitar sound is engaged with melancholic tune. Fast tempo that is broken by keyboard interlude is switched into slow heavy riffs. That’s just new Malchus.’

‘We’ve put a lot of effort and hard work into this cd.. Within a year we covered much more distance than Radoslaw Sikorski /but unlike him we paid for it with our own $/ so as to pursue our passion after our usual work. Due to constant changes of the rehearsal location (presently we’re stationed in Dębica) we have to practise at night getting home back late at nigh t- 2 am. We hope new Malchus will be to your liking.’

‘To whet your appetite we’ve published a video with short fragments of each piece from our new album. We’d like to encourage you to read short deliberations about the lyrics inserted in the description under the photos in our studio cd “The Evil House” as well as the first reviews of our cd:’

‘A jaki morał z tej historii? Swój swojego wyniucha w 5 minut. A muzyk nawet jak jest urzędnikiem, to porządny gość jest. Proszę mi we wszystkich urzędach takich ludzi pozatrudniać! Malchus na prezydenta!’ (5/6) (Entire Polish Review)

Maciek Masty / Radio Panteon/blog Melodia Metal

‘If melodic progressive death metal sounds remotely like something you might like, Dom Zly is an album you will want to check out.  The beautiful, the fast, the heavy, the driving, the melodic, it’s all here in Dom Zly and wrapped in a package of strong musicianship and songwriting.  Simply, one of the best releases of 2014.’ (9/10) (Entire English Review)

John Jackson / The Metal Resource

‘Share our clips with friends, they are here to promote our album “The Evil House.” Not only is the word of mouth the best and the most effective way of being advertized but also it’s the cheapest for unknown groups like ours, which cannot afford to place ad in popular papers/portals- which may cost average monthly earning. We’d like to express our gratitude to all media/people that present Malchus for its music and help us not expecting anything back. There are a lot of good people out there.’

‘At present we’re honing the concert material for upcoming concerts. We hope we’ll present our new material with new members on board in Poland and beyond soon. We’re pleased to announce we’re scheduled to perform at the Elements of Rock Festival in Switzerland on 15th March. We’re looking forward to transmitting our positive energy from the stage.’

‘The proceeds from the sale of our cds during concerts or directly from us will be spent on a new video clip, which we’re planning to record in the spring of 2015. The screenplay is almost ready, now it’s the question of developing cooperation with the people that might help us accomplish that uneasy task.’

‘We’re asking for prayers ……’

Malchus Evil House

1. Enemy nr 1
2. The Evil House
3. 77
4. Eyes Open
5. For dust
6. Mother
7. Tripudium
8. …but deliver us
9. Credo
10 …

Upcoming Shows:
March 13-15th. 2015. Elements of Rock, Uster, Switzerland

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Video below “Dom Zly” (The Evil House) (preview)

Video below ’77’

Video below ‘Dom Zły’ (The Evil House)

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