Lust Control – “Feminazi” Coming May 15th on Limited Edition CD from Roxx Records


Roxx Records is very excited to be bringing you a very special limited edition CD pressing of a classic EP from those notorious Christian Punks known as Lust Control. That’s right the classic 4 track cassette only release entitled “Feminazi” is being given a new life on limited edition CD with expanded tracks to make it a full 15 track CD! Read the story on Feminazi

The year was 1994. The four members of Lust Control were still young and ready to make some new noise. They were fed up with the Clinton Administration and juiced up with political angst from talk radio like Rush Limbaugh. This A.M. radio wordsmith had a keen sense of the English language and how a simple word can turn an argument in an instant. Words like “witch hunt” shut people down pretty quickly. Limbaugh coined the phrase “Feminazi” and defined the term as “a feminist to whom the most important thing in life is ensuring that as many abortions as possible occur,” adding that “there are fewer than twenty-five known Feminazis in the United States.” However, in practice he and others use the term in a much wider context.

As important as the words, this rebellious punk/thrash band took a decided turn towards metal with this 4-song EP. The title track took the chunka-chunka vibe of a previous song like “Planned Parenthood” and added more abrasiveness and tone. “Don’t Kill You” dialed in a bass-driven sound that borrowed a pinch of hardcore without deviating from its musical identity. Lyrically, it was the band’s hopeful answer for someone desperately wrestling with the seductive appeal of suicide.

“Temptation” features the band jamming like they love each other’s musical presence. While miles away from the sonic perfection and soundscape of its inspiration, one can hear the band’s affection for King’s X, while Gene tries to conjure his best Dave Mustaine voice.
The final song of the official EP’s studio tracks was also the purpose and reason this studio time at Houston’s Rivendell Studios was booked. Alex Parker of Flying Tart Records asked the band to tackle one of Steve Taylor’s most politically charged songs – “I Blew Up the Clinic Real Good.” The band even took an audio cue from Steve Taylor’s appearance on TBN’s Real Videos as an ice cream salesman for the song’s intro.

Charles Gates was given the task of helping pull this new sound out of the band. An example of his work is found in what was omitted from the chorus of the title track. The band originally repeated the word “Feminazi” at the end of each of the four chorus stanzas. Gates knew the power of subtlety, anticipation and payoff. The four questions (“What would you call them? How can I talk to them? How can understand them? How can I love them?”) was finally answered at the end with the punchline – “FEMINAZI!”

Feminazi was released as a 7-track cassette-only EP. Two live tracks, “Apocalyptic Nightmare” and “Real Men Cry” – engineered by Steve Allen, who produced the first two Lust Control albums, This is a Condom Nation and Dancing Naked – were added, as well as an in-concert sermon from Gene.

The band broke up (aka “taking a 17-year hiatus”) after the release of Feminazi but kept in touch as close friends and played a couple of reunion shows. Gene (aka Doug Van Pelt) joined the band One-21 onstage in 1998 to handle vocals for their rendition of Lust Control’s “Planned Parenthood” and also took the stage in 2011 with the Flatfoot 56 offshoot band, Sexually Frustrated, singing their LC-influenced song, “The Bigger ‘M.’” Bassist Kyle Bawinkel suggested that both Sexually Frustrated and Lust Control share a stage the following year at Cornerstone Festival. Gene came back and told the guys about the opportunity, and they decided to get the band back together and play the Cornerstone Festival in 2011.

This led to recording an album of all new material for Rottweiler Records – Tiny Little Dots – in 2013, which later led to a Kickstarter campaign to press it onto vinyl in 2018. One of the crowdfunding reward levels included all the Lust Control cassette releases, and when it came time to fulfill those orders, it was discovered that there were only 1 or 2 Feminazi cassette tapes left. The band contacted the Kickstarter supporters and posed the question, “Would you mind if we put the Feminazi EP on a CD for you instead?” The response was unanimously favorable, and after making CDRs with the bold red, white, and black artwork for the band members, the band added some bonus songs and released it on CD for the first time.

Track Listing:

1. Feminazi
2. Don’t Kill You
3. Temptation
4. I Blew Up the Clinic Real Good
5. Apocalyptic Nightmare (live)
6. Real Men Cry (live)
7. Thermo Sermo
8. Say it Like a Rock Star
9. Circumsized, Baptized & Moon Pies
10. Dancing Naked (live at Cornerstone ’89)
11. Big Bang
12. Finger (alt. mix)
13. Make Money and Die (alt. mix)
14. Chasing Mrs. Claus ‘Round the North Pole
15. Gene’s Audio Commentary


Bob (Phil Borrero Jr.) – drums
Bradford (Mitch Roberts) – guitar
Butch (John Wilson) – bass
Gene (Doug Van Pelt) – vocals

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