Shadow Puncher’s New Album “To victory we march” Out Now (Available for Free Download)


Shadow Puncher‘s new album “To victory we march” is released last month (March 14) available for streaming and free download (name your price) from Spotify/Bandcamp. The album is produced, mixed and mastered by Max Kevin Ølstøren

Guest appearence: Shun Marthiljohni from Light Unseen on unclean vox on verse 2 on ‘Eternity’

Ølstøren says:I wanna thank my fans, god and everyone who is supporting me and also i wanna thank the guests for his appearence on this album.

1. Interlude 01:52
2. Visions 04:38
3. Rotten flesh 03:54
4. Persecuted by the holy spirit 00:19
5. Not worthy 03:46
6. Conqueror of the darkness 03:17
7. Reconciled 03:17
8. The most wonderful name 04:32
9. Evil Dead 05:00
10. Eternity 04:08
11. Invincible god 04:13
12. God is my protector 03:16
13. Desire 03:18
14. Where o death..? 04:39
15. The light of the world 01:08

Shadow Puncher is a brutal death metal project that began in 2016, as a solo project of Max Kevin Ølstøren. The band began as a death metal/black metal project out of Trondheim, Norway in Europe, releasing demos with hand drawn art. The band was signed to Nosral Recordings. Shadow Puncher began in 2016, formed by Max Kevin Ølstøren, and began releasing demos. The band released three independent EPs, titled The Path of Challenges, The Throne of Justice and Love and No Despair all through Soundcloud and YouTube. On October 13, 2017, it was announced that the project had signed to Nosral Recordings, a label formed by Mike Larson of Frost Like Ashes, which began as a sub-label of Rottweiler Records. In 2018, the band began to record their fourth EP, a self-titled EP. Before the EP was released, the band debut the single, ‘Shekinah’ as a lyric video. The EP came out on February 24, 2018. The EP was produced by Luke Dinan of Children of Wrath and DinaSound Productions, which gave the EP a better produced sound than previous efforts. The EP received mixed to positive reviews. The project and label announced on August 20, 2018, that they were releasing a compilation of all three independent EPs titled One Path to the Heavenly Kingdom. A cover of Cannibal Corpse with Symphony of Heaven, a song coming on a compilation between The Bearded Dragon Productions and Love Your Enemies Records, and will appear on a split album of Symphony of Heaven, Bismoth, and Timōrātus, providing backing vocals for the final band. The band also released a cover of We Wish You a Merry Christmas through The Bearded Dragon Productions and Rottweiler Records.

Our review for Shadow Puncher‘s self-titled album can be found here.

In the beginning of 2019 Shadow Puncher left the Nosral Recordings famly.

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