Loud Christian Punk Rock Band Dispraised Releases ‘Jab’ Lyric Video


Loud Christian punk rockband Dispraised just released a lyric video for ‘Jab’. The song is taken from their latest album “Lines In The Dirt” which is released September 9 on Rottweiler Records.

Frontman Tom states: For the punks in the back that still have convictions and who haven’t been bought out by the global establishment that’s taken over our scene.

Check out the video below:

Dispraised was birthed by two friends on opposite sides of the world. Donovan de Necker (South Africa) and Tom Mong (Idaho, USA) first began talks of creating the project back in 2017. As two guys with lengthy backgrounds in the punk rock and live music scene, the two of them agreed that they could make something very different and very special for Christian punk rock fans to enjoy. By August 2020 Dispraised launched and released “Same God Modern World.” By the end of 2020 Dispraised had also finished recording guitar work and vocal tracks for their debut full length “Moral Rot”. Only a short few months later, Dispraised took on Kentucky,USA drummer Justin Ram (Grave Robber/The Jericho Harlot)

Tom – Vocals
Donovan – Guitar
Justin – Drums

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