Beautycore Band Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh Announces Band Changes, Lead Vocalist Magdalene Rose to Pursue Music as a Solo Artist


The GFM Band–also known as Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh–has announced a big change for the band. Known as a trio of sisters that lead and play in the band, GFM is no longer going to be the same.

Lead singer Magdalene Rose, a.k.a. Maggie, took to social media to clear up some confusion and talk about their band’s future.

In the video below, Magdalene announced that her two sisters are no longer performing in the band as they pursue personal goals outside of the band. Leaving just Maggie, she didn’t feel it was the best way forward to keep the name the same while making new music.

Moving forward, the band name will change to Magdalene Rose. She will continue to make music similar to the GFM Band but with her own spin. Social media names will change to reflect this change. The sisters are all on good terms with this change, as clarified by Magdalene Rose.

Magadalena Rose at Facebook

Video The GFM Band ‘Framing My Perception’

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