Introducing Anchorhold: A Project from Jimmy Sisco (Absolved/Platoon 1107)


Jimmy Sisco from Absolved / Platoon 1107 has another rad project called Anchorhold.

A musical vessel for dealing with grief while watching a loved one struggle and succumb to death. Is is a look into the heart of a son who was about to lose his father.

When Jimmy‘s dad was diagnosed with an advanced cancer that would quickly take his life, Jimmy Sisco documented his own struggles and emotions during that period of time via Anchorhold, a project he created specifically for that purpose. In the spirit of journal-keeping, four songs were written at particular points during that five-month journey to chronicle specific circumstances and memories. Contemplative, cathartic, visceral, emotive, and intensely personal, these songs are a look into the heart of a son who was about to lose his beloved father.

Rest in peace, James Sisco, Sr. 1940-2016

Guitars, effects, and vocals: Jimmy Sisco
Bass: Jesse Jeremiah
Drums: Josh Thieler

1. From a Father’s Son
2. And Now We Wait
3. Five Weeks
4. A Final Time for Everything

Preorder his new EP here & follow him on facebook.


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