One-Man Metal Band ‘Vials of Wrath’ to Release “Ataraxia” EP In August, Teaser Available


Vials of Wrath, the Christian-based black/ambient metal solo project of Dempsey “DC” Mills have announced the release of a new album “Ataraxia” EP will be released on August 21th.  Nearly 20 minutes of all new music, featuring 2 full length songs and a short instrumental. Available on limited edition CD and digitally. For fans of Alcest, Deafheaven and Drudkh. A teaser can be streamed below.

Pre-orders will be available soon… Please share and spread the word! Two new full songs and a short instrumental in the vein of ‘A Cleansing Prayer’ from “Days Without Names.”

DC is a former rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist for Christian deathcore band Bloodline Severed.

“Days Without Names”  is the latest VoW album has been released on Sept. 8th. 2015.

“Days Without Names” Album Review Quote:

“Once again Vials of Wrath have delivered an album that has the feel to it that it is more than just a collection of songs.  The album is a journey through darkened forests and internal struggles set to haunting melodies and driving black metal in lush arrangements. ”

To read the entire review click here.

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

Video for “Ataraxia” (Teaser)



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